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There is no more division between where you can and cannot travel. World blurs into world as you reach across galaxies, searching for something beyond...
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 Vyllaea Ylldra, the Fragments Guardian.

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PostSubject: Vyllaea Ylldra, the Fragments Guardian.   Tue Nov 29 2016, 10:17

General Character Information

Name: Vyllaea Ylldra
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Transforming merfolk.

Character Appearance

Height: 5 feet 4 inches.
As her position requires it, she is a guardian for the core shards. Her eyes gleam a light green and she has incredibly fair skin. Long, silky, cream blonde, knee length hair accompanies her in her human form. Her dress for the tasks is regal, a dark bluey-black and is rather flowy and long. The dress has fallen shoulders, hugging to her upper arms instead. She also wears a black undershirt. This dress is also long, just shy of coming into contact with the ground.

Guardian appearance;

When she is in contact with water, or when she chooses to, she can shift into a mermaid sort of thing. Excelling at swimming in the water, her eyes are a brilliant cyan, her tail is incredibly long, reaching an extra 17 feet from her, bringing her to a total length of 22 feet 4 inches. Her hair is much shorter, seemingly dissipating as the purple black mass goes further from her head. Her hands, instead of having graceful nails, have long, deadly nails which are incredibly firm. On her elbows, she has fins that help her to swim in the ocean, and armour across the base of her tail. Her scales morph and shift depending on what light is around them, a basic form of camouflage. For example, in lighter waters spotted with other fish, the scales can be like that of a tropical fish. However, in the depths of the ocean, they can be dark and look incredibly intimidating. Across the spine of the tail are fins which almost look like spikes, and the tail is covered with the same sort of fin like appendages. Her chest is barely covered, having to rid herself of most armour and extras to give her the most speed in the seas. She has a spiked purple necklace as well.

Mermaid/Siren/Merfolk appearance.

If she ever were to become a traveller, she would cut her hair short and tie it back to keep it out of her face. She would wear a corset like thing which would wrap around her waist, held down by a brown leather belt and another silver one, embedded with glowing crystals. She would wear a shoulder exposing long shirt, their ends covered by large brown gloves. Two belts would wrap around her arms. She also would wear long, brown, skin-hugging leather pants. Her boots would be long as well, pulled over the leather pants and keeping to the leather theme.

This is what she would look like.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Cold, heartless, a complete jerk... These words have been used to describe the stony like guardian as she protects what she was stationed to guard. However, deep down, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Underneath the cold-hearted nature in which she doesn’t seem to care about anything, she is quite compassionate. Under layers of self discipline, she strives to solve any mystery and seeks a self rest.

A way free from the restrictions to release her true nature. Curious. Enthusiastic. Caring. Emotions which guardians typically aren’t ones to show, choosing the cold and bitter road to keep everyone afraid of them.

But how can an extrovert stay like that forever without being insane? They can’t, it’s simple. The desolation and ruin would make them incredibly unstable... Almost like a jerk.
Hobbies: Drawing, swimming, cooking and, if she has to admit it, gem collecting.
Interests: Animals, Learning, hunting, freedom, searching, exploring.
Dislikes: Being bored, discord, disruption.

Skills: She is a fantastic swimmer and incredibly agile in the water. She also is a rather good cook, as that’s what she does in her spare time. Another thing to note is that she is rather decent at fighting, especially in her merfolk form.
Flaws: She isn’t as strong as she is when she’s in the water. She tends to not have too much time or patience for people who take forever to understand things.
She’s also terrified of the fire. She simply can’t stand any forms of it and easily snaps under it.


Family: N/A
Partner: N/A
Children: N/A


History: This will be revealed as she is used in RP.
RP paragraph: Crimson light danced across in the hall in front of her. Her pale eyes refused to leave the dancing tongues of flames, her face pale. Memories tore through her mind. Fire. Torture. Her palms felt clammy and she shakily got up, moving to put the dim candle out.
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PostSubject: Re: Vyllaea Ylldra, the Fragments Guardian.   Tue Nov 29 2016, 10:23

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Vyllaea Ylldra, the Fragments Guardian.
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