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 Maifpheral, the Forgotten

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PostSubject: Maifpheral, the Forgotten   Tue Nov 29 2016, 22:56

General Character Information

Name: Maifpheral
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Sexuality: Straight

  • Seuhirin dragon

    A type of small species of western dragons known primarily for a blade, unique to every dragon, grown at the tip of their tails. Unlike most breeds, Seurhirin dragons stay in packs of the same blood (therefore clan). Considered one of the most noble breed of dragons, though they are very prideful of their purity. Any dragon stained by human hands are permanently marked by their foul scent and are exiled from the clan and will be killed on sight.

Character Appearance

Height: 5ft
Length: 25ft
Wingspan: 52ft
Appearance: Maifpheral is a small white and grey scaled dragon. He has red round-pupil eyes, deer-like ears and two short horns growing from the back of his head. His underbelly is grey with many articulating plates, although it is still a common area with softer scales compared to the rest of his body. The tail blade is shaped like a curved teardrop. Maifpheral possessed a number of mutations, including stubs in place of a wing's thumb (making it impossible to scale up walls with them) and an incredibly long wingspan (impossible to fly without jumping from elevated ground). However, a positive mutation is his incredibly tough wing membranes without losing its elasticity.

Personality and Traits


Although tidbits of information are known about Maifpheral, such as his curiosity, much of his personality remains unknown. To some, he is considered friendly because of the good deeds he had done. To others, he is a cold dragon with little regards to forging bonds with any other being. Much of him remains a mystery, including his origins. It did not help that Maifpheral cannot speak beyond beastial cries due to his defects. However, Maifpheral has not shown any hostility towards anyone, saved for those causing trouble. His expression is always neutral, if not curious, but this can be attributed to him still being rather young. Despite being a Seurhirin dragon, Maifpheral has shown off very little pride or aggression. Unlike most dragons, Maifpheral shows little interest in offerings but sometimes he accepts them. He has demonstrated his intellect and cunning in some cases where he needed assistance from a certain person but cannot speak out his requests, such as snatching an item and luring them to the place. As such, Maifpheral does not let his disability get the better of him and can quickly think of ways to express himself.

It is incredibly difficult to make friends with him, especially since he has a duty of Guardians to fulfil. Maifpheral rarely needs help from others, and when he does, he ensures their common goal is achieved quickly before he parts with them. More about this below. However, due to his presence, villagers would sometimes request to speak to him. Maifpheral's curiosity does extend to conversations, but he only plays the role of a listener due to his inability to speak. In most cases, if the villager is distressed, they immediately feel better after expressing it to him. Others will require Maifpheral to do something. His refusal to connect with anyone can be due to his young age as well.

Despite being incredibly quiet due to his disability, Maifpheral is perhaps among the most outspoken of dragons in a sense that he lets his presence be known. A way to remind the world of the true Guardians and their power, which were long forgotten and replaced with power-hungry imposters. This has dire consequences which Maifpheral is prepared to face, including being marked for capture from both human and dragon. Maifpheral's pride is seemingly replaced with stubbornness, as he will do whatever it takes to ensure the world returns to what it once was.


  • Travelling and sightseeing

    As a young Guardian (though from a different universe), Maifpheral received many different tasks from the voice of the Glade which he made his new home with the grand purpose of training him so he is ready to restore balance between the world of Spirits, Genesi, and the real world. Sometimes he receives simple errands like dealing with a forest fire, and others which harshly tests his skills like quelling an angry spirit. When he does not hear anything from the voice, it becomes clear what he needs to do - soar the world and enjoy nature which he serves to protect. Maifpheral does not enjoy anything bigger than rural villages, and he can mostly be found within the heart of lush forests, harsh volcanoes or vast seas. There is little rest for a Guardian, but it is also part of his role to watch over the spirits that live there, for they are the ones that keep the beauty of the world alive.

    Part of the reason why Maifpheral avoided towns and cities is because, when he is around villages, at least they do not chase him with swords, spears or ropes. What he discovered is that the people there are more closer to the gifts the spirits present to the real world and indulge in them appropriately. With how Maifpheral restores water flow from the river or fend off straying monsters from scaring herds away, it is no surprise he is a folk hero among most villages. No statues or such were made to honour him however due to the fear of his safety when his whereabouts become known to dragon hunters. Instead, a subtle shrine was built with a stone upon a pedestal resembling a curved teardrop, and there they would offer small gifts whenever the Guardian decides to walk by.

  • Collecting artefacts

    Maifpheral is sometimes seen carrying a variety of small objects in his maw and taking them to the Glade of Memories. As part of a good deed to the former Guardians that passed away before him, Maifpheral scours across the world looking for ancient items which symbolises those Guardians. They can range from a small, worn wooden toy to a valuable piece of jewellery. However, no one knows why Maifpheral is taking them, and there are moments where he stole them from a nobleman's possession. Because of this, Maifpheral is also remembered as a thief. But to those with a good heart, he always presents something for a trade.


  • Chatter

This is odd because Maifpheral never speaks. Another mutation that severed his ability to communicate. However, he is sometimes curious whenever someone speaks to him, normally sitting down to listen to them until they finished. Maifpheral does struggle with knowing what anyone is saying, but he can deduce most of them through their expression, body language and tone of voice.

  • Fruits

Another odd interest that may be linked to his list of mutations. In addition to eating raw meat, Maifpheral have tasted and is seemingly fond of fruits. However they make him sick if he eats too much, and normally only considers them as an alternative when meat is scarce. Maifpheral does not like nuts.

  • Music

Maifpheral only likes a selection of music however, especially those that convey a sense of nostalgia. In fact, his attraction to exotic music is well known among a number of villages that they will sometimes fill their location with the ever vibrant symphony in an attempt to bring Maifpheral into their village. This rarely works however, much to some villager's dismay. It is rumoured that Maifpheral can tell if music is made with a lowly purpose, such as bringing him to the village, and is only present when music has a much grander role.


  • Towns and cities

Maifpheral has taken enough of their first impressions to avoid them at all cost. There will always be slayers walking among them. If not, they will try and capture him for profit.

  • Extended company

Maifpheral is not the type to forge a lengthy bond or companionship. There are some cases where he has no choice and is willing to follow them until they fulfil their common goal. In terms of affection, Maifpheral only goes as far as deeming someone to be harmless and an ally, and does not express any favouritism towards anyone. In fact, he has a reason not to, as he constantly travels around the world and may take years before he will meet someone again.

  • False Guardians

From where he is from, the generation of true Guardians is dying and a group of dragons falsely claiming themselves to be Guardians are on the rise. Worse part is that no one will be able to notice a difference because of a corrupted dragon king. Because of this, Maifpheral hates those who dares to hold pretension and claim they are something which they are not.


  • Strengths and speed

Maifpheral is a fighter with a fine balance between strength and speed. His top running speed is 30mph for 5 seconds, and he can swing his tail in a full circle within a blink of an eye, although doing so would strain his muscles. Due to his incredibly large wings, he can fly at speeds similar to his running speed, though it also makes him more sensitive to wind, as a strong gust can veer him towards its direction.

His physical strength is rather average, a claw strike doing nothing more than a bruise against bulky targets. However, he rarely uses this as most of his power came from his speed and his bladed tail. Despite his small size, Maifpheral can lift heavy loads up to 1.5x his weight for 5 seconds (he weighs 90kg, so he can carry up to 135kg). His wing membranes are almost as tough as iron, allowing him to block or deflect some attacks, and due to their sizes, he can effectively wrap himself in a cocoon to protect his entire body. Although his wings lack the ability to scale walls, Maifpheral instead uses them as pommels to ram into enemies after gaining enough speed. Additionally, his tail blade is as tough as steel. Maifpheral possess enough tail strength for his age to cleave through leather armour, but he cannot pierce through iron armour.

Flaws: (What sorts of flaws does your character have, are they bad at singing? Fighting? What are their weaknesses. There should be at least 3 here as no one is perfect. These can include fears, phobias, old war injuries that like to be known now and again, etc.)

  • Range

Maifpheral does not have any ranged abilities. Therefore it is possible to completely overwhelm his defence and take a stab at him if he does not find appropriate cover.

  • Blood

Maifpheral has a bit of haemophobia, though not too much in a sense that it would make him falter in battle. But specifically fears getting them into his maw, as the taste would drive him insane with bloodlust and could force him to go on a berserker's rage with little regards to his body's health. There are no real changes to his strengths, but he will be stretching to his limits until his body collapses from fatigue.

  • Squishy

Maifpheral is a rather skinny dragon. Therefore he does not have the muscles to absorb a lot of force from any strike. His lack of ranged abilities makes the issue ofTherefore it becomes imperative of him to use his wings to block out some attacks.



Mother - deceased
Father - deceased
Sister - Alive

Partner: N/A
Children: N/A


History: Maybe some other time.
RP paragraph: This is Sly.
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PostSubject: Re: Maifpheral, the Forgotten   Wed Nov 30 2016, 09:16

Mmkay. All good, as you've put his past as another universe. I'll go ahead and check it off.

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Maifpheral, the Forgotten
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