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 Allelujah Blanc, Ruler over the Frosted Heavens

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PostSubject: Allelujah Blanc, Ruler over the Frosted Heavens   Fri Dec 02 2016, 02:54

General Character Information

Name: Allelujah Blanc
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Human

Character Appearance

Height: 6'2"
His demeanor is of stern and unsympathetic aspects, with humorless expressions on his sharp featured face, his angular mask a signature reminder of his cold manner, a chilling scar running down his left eye and past his mask.

Reserved in stature and appearance, he dresses in a thin black pea jacket with its trim and inside white, his pants gray, tattered and loose, tucked in his shin-high faded black boots, the tips steel plated and scarred on the outside.
Over it all is a long, white, opened coat that's torn and ragged along the bottom, edges of its hood adorned slightly with gray fur, sleeves rolled up just above his black gloves that reach up to his wrists.

Personality and Traits

Allelujah fronts a consistent calm and reserved demeanor, collected and to his thoughts most of the time, his constant state of serenity chilling in itself. To those close to him, he is respectful and occasionally pleasant, yet still carrying his general withdrawn attitude overall, not often expressing vibrant emotion aside from chastising.    

He sees his ideals and goals only to be right, and any who oppose him a simple stepping stone to reach them. While not violent in nature, Allelujah does not forget those who wrong him, no matter the time that passes, his grudges held until resolved by his hands.
While vindictive, Allelujah carries an interest in honor with himself, showing grace to defeated opponents, with a strive to resolve any revolt against his goal in duels to limit unnecessary casualties from useless retaliations.

Interests: Ideals reached| Rules and order| Duels| Snow, or cold temperatures| Silence
Dislikes: Rebellion| Asininity| Underhanded actions or tactics| Those who fight at long range| Long-winded speakers|Salamanders

Calm and capable during times of duress. Doesn't panic and keeps his mind cool to make proper decisions. Mentally durable and skeptical, making attempts at manipulation or trickery difficult on his stalwart mind set. Much more capable a fighter when paired with an ally, as a guardian is meant to protect.
Poor in solo combat. Mostly capable of defending and extending the lengths of fights but lacks the lethal force to end them. As a guardian, he will often risk himself over his allies and potentially takes damage in place of them.


Family: Deceased
Partner: N/A
Children: N/A


Memories of tranquil land, his family, friends, his kingdom. The voices of ones he loved.
Memories of darkness, fear. Fire, and destruction. The voices of fading life.

Remember your memories, Allelujah..

RP paragraph:

Rushing footsteps echoed through the empty marble halls draped in tattered royal silk, broken shelves and shards of ancient décor littered the hallways, a castle in neglect. A young man with princely garbs stormed through with a madman's expression.


Approaching scarred wooden doors, he slammed himself into them; the shrill grating of rusty hinges snapped the company in the room back to reality. Their attention bolted to the agitated man they called their king. "I will not have insurrection under my rule!"
His words brought fourth differing reactions from the six who stood in the decrepit room, from confusion, indifference, and nervousness.

Disclaimer: UseOfTheWord"Guardian"InThisAppDoesNotImplyHisRoleAndIsIntendedToDescribeHisCharacterOnly.Kthxplsdonotsueme.
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PostSubject: Re: Allelujah Blanc, Ruler over the Frosted Heavens   Fri Dec 02 2016, 05:36

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Allelujah Blanc, Ruler over the Frosted Heavens
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