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 Aster Coliar

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PostSubject: Aster Coliar   Sun Dec 04 2016, 21:48

General Character Information

Name: Aster Coliar
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Human

Character Appearance

Height: 6'2"
Aster's general atmosphere is relaxed in his appearance, a sharp featured face but a welcoming look overall, with shaggy midnight black hair hanging just above his deep vermilion eyes.
He wears black and gray clothing, faded and tattered in various areas. Most of it is concealed by his numerous belts and straps around his waist and chest, carrying various ammo and items. Over it all is an opened jacket, darkened crimson in color, sleeves pushed up above his black gloves.

Personality and Traits

Aster carries a signature laidback and reckless attitude to any who know him, in the most dire of situations he pulls through with a smirk. This doesn't come from the bliss of ignorance, as he's almost always thinking a few steps ahead while delivering a one liner.

While clever, and a little deceptive, he has heart in what he cares for, fighting with his life for whatever it may come to be. He values life as much as the next guy, but will take action if his own, or those close are being threatened.
Hobbies: Bounty hunting|Smithing|Odd jobs for money, or food.|
Interests: Weapons|Mercy|Gambling|Warm places to stay|Windy weather|
Dislikes: Mindless violence|Bodies of water|Cold weather|Missing his shots.

Aster is an expert gunman, able to hit targets far beyond anyone would consider possible, an eye like a hawk and steady hand, his aim is considering inhuman.
He has a quick thinking mind, able to process events and form a plan of action in quick response.
He is often reckless, getting himself into a hole through his overly confident actions, causing trouble nearly everywhere he goes. Not a criminal, but notorious for bringing unwanted attention to himself.
He doesn't do well in close ranged fights, unable to effectively fight in close quarter combat with his weapons.

Family: Alys Coliar - Sister.

Partner: N/A

Children: N/A


RP paragraph:

The dusty streets and bustling town irritated the young girl dressed in all white. She found herself constantly brushing herself off, following behind her new friend in the unknown town, trying her best not to touch the people who she passed.
"Don't worry yourself, miss. We'll be inside soon enough." His words were almost drowned out by the collective murmurings of the townspeople. "Your client is just up ahead!" He gestured the lady ahead, his hand placing itself on the grip of his holstered magnum as he followed her inside. "And my target.."
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Character sheet
Name:: Cedric Vael
Alternate Accounts: Syrein
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PostSubject: Re: Aster Coliar   Sun Dec 04 2016, 21:52

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Aster Coliar
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