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 Syrein, Mechanical Flower

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PostSubject: Syrein, Mechanical Flower   Mon Dec 05 2016, 15:35

General Character Information

Name: Syrein Vylla
Gender: Female 
Age: Twenty years of age.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Species: Amalgam 

Character Appearance

Height: Syrein stands at 5'5"
Appearance: Bright, violet hair rests just below Syrein's shoulders. Hues of indigo and cyan mix with spots of a soft green, on the inner parts of her hair. Brilliant eyes of emerald and sapphire rest on alabaster skin, her face heart-shaped and framed by her locks.

Hair and Face, might be a tad large.:

As an Amalgam, not every part of Syrein is human. Her body has been messed with by her 'owner' several times, in order to obtain alchemic perfection. As such, one of her arms has been replaced with Runed gears, which have enchantments guarding the limb to make it impervious to damage and the like. Tools rest within her fingers, along with phials in the gauntlet. These will be explained later.

Her right arm:

The typical attire she wears varies only slightly, her pants generally being the only random partition. Most times, however, she can be seen with brown leather trousers. This is mainly due to her being an Amalgam for Smithing. However, the most constant part of her attire is her hooded dress. The red leather hides whatever may lurk beneath it, as she's yet to be seen without it.

Her hood:

Personality and Traits

Personality: Syrein is quiet, a sense of peace can be felt around her by almost anyone she meets. Her voice is a tad odd, sounding like two people singing in unison. However, should she try and sing, she sounds ridiculous. Shy about this aspect, she generally thinks before opening her mouth. Due to her past, she finds that the strongest people can sometimes be the quietest, or even the gentlest of souls. Her eyes can see the aura of others, telling her who they are from just a glance. 
Hobbies: She knows how to smith Runes and Gears, due to them being what makes her.. Her. Granted, her body is much like that of a human being, there being organs and veins with the like. But, since she isn't sure how she ticks, she wishes to find out more about the strange pieces found through the Eye. She also likes to play the piano, stealing the baby grand that can be found in the mess hall for her practice. She's fairly good at it, at least. She's also a very avid gardener, keeping most of the Guardian's Hall's plants alive.
Interests: Plants, pianos, magic.
Dislikes: Her adoptive mother, being worked upon, chemical poison.

Skills: Due to her eyes being able to see the aura of people, she's generally able to ascertain what element their abilities coincide with. However, as there's no way to fully explain this, she cannot communicate such a thing with other people.
Her mechanical arm has Phials in it, depicting what element her tools can take on. The phials are called this because they're runed covered equipment, which can run out of juice with too much use. Her fingers each have different tools, and her entire hand can lock together to form a blade. However, even though her arm is impervious, it still requires a bit of a cool down when switching out phials.
She can communicate with plants, as they're what grew her. She tends to stay away from people mowing lawns, an attempt to avoid hearing the agony of the plants. The flora tend to part for her, making way for her footsteps as she tends to them. It can be an odd thing to see.
Flaws: She can't always communicate what she sees, her Arm requires maintenance for use, and she can't be around her step mother at all.

Family: Her 'Father' is Archie Styles, her step mother is Ramona Blake Styles.
Partner: NA
Children: NA


History: Her 'Father' grew her in an experiment of his. Granted, he had to work to make her into a stable Amalgam, it was a feat when he finally cloned his first wife. In his eyes, she is his daughter who has certain health risks. In her step mother's eyes, she's a horrible abomination of mankind. Her chest is covered in burns where her step mother attempted to light her on fire, which partially explains as to why she has her own house beside her father's.
RP paragraph:

Syrein held the rose to her chest, carefully pruning away the dead limbs of the abused plant. The flora shivered, touching her consciousness with a thank you that always made her mechanical heart glow. Around her, more and more seedlings and potted plants turned towards her like she was the sunlight- begging for her care and attention.

However, the door to the arboretum slammed open. The plants recoiled, alerting her to something that she dreaded oh so much.

"Syrein, you're supposed to be washing the laundry. Get to it, you little beast."

The grating voice of her step mother caused bile to rise within the Amalgam's heart. Standing slowly, she released the rose with a kiss. A sorrowful farewell to the plant, as she pulled her hood up and slowly walked to the direction her caretaker demanded.

"If it's not done by tonight, I'll ask Archie to work on that twitch you ave in your arm." The sentence was said with a sneer, but it drove ice through Syrein's veins. The threat was obviously there, despite the sentence meaning kindness.

Mother Eria, please save me...
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PostSubject: Re: Syrein, Mechanical Flower   Mon Dec 05 2016, 16:39

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Syrein, Mechanical Flower
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