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 Outcast (Private)

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PostSubject: Outcast (Private)   Sat May 13 2017, 07:37

First topic message reminder :

Vyllaea grimaced, the face of the sea volcano towered over her head. If the siren had followed the instructions right, the portal should have been near here. She sighed, her hand raising to scratch at the back of her head. If she continued with this, there would be no way back. Not to mention she forgot to ask for Negene to say good bye to Cedric for her, in case this didn't work as she planned. Mind you, she didn't even know what she wanted to do.

All she could remember was trying to see if she could track down that guardian who was supposedly killed all that time ago.

With a quiet sigh, she rummaged around the belt which hitched a small backpack to her side. Somehow, don't ask her, but it wasn't wet, and neither were the contents inside. She just assumed it was due to magic. Biting her lip, she hummed almost silently as she looked through, her hand stroking against the side of the flask containing the Mite. Vyllaea rose the flask to eye level, swirling the contents inside the bottle. Sure, it was small, and the colour of the container tainted so it was mildly hard to figure out just what was in there, but she could see a small life form moving through the liquid inside.

With a small smile, she put the container back into the bag, zipping it up. When she was back on dry land, she would swing the backpack over her shoulder.

She glanced back up at the volcano, continuing to circle the place that Negene had explained to her. Vyllaea felt her face freeze when she saw the inky purple-black which was the surface of the seemingly spasming portal. It's surface was tainted, not the smooth and delicate swirling blues of the ocean. This was harsh. Ragged, harsh.


Vyllaea smirked, a vicious smile that reflected the deepest parts of her soul, underneath the emotional layers that always existed. Here, there would be no forgiving for her mistakes that she would make. There would be no one to show her how to do things properly - have to learn on the go.

Identical to her guardianships job.

After ensuring that the coast was clear, Vyllaea pushed forward. Excitement and a death defying willpower burned in her core as she looked at the rippling and erratic surface of the portal. The mere look of it would turn the faint of heart away.

In an instant, she swam through it.


And the reaction was instant.

Human legs morphed, changing her appearance in mere moments. The scales were replaced by human flesh, and her clothing... She threw that on very quickly as she made her way out of the entrance to the portal. Vyllaea crouched down, black and grey paving crunching underneath her feet. So far, Negene had been truthful, nothing seemed to be alerted to her presence.

She was hidden by a slab of uncut grey stone, her white hair standing out like a sore thumb. Vyllaea tried not to think about it, taking a cloth out from her pack. Quickly she tied it over the white strands, hiding them behind a protective sheet in which no one would be able to see.

Now she just looked like a fugitive. Grand. Perfect.

Vyllaea didn't really care. She pushed herself to her feet, the water container gently tapping against the bottle containing the Mite. The place wasn't much to look at, a whole heap of semi-destroyed homes, some still standing, but many were still down and destroyed due to what seemed to be because of those giant creatures. Which would make sense, considering the size of that creature that Cedric managed to take down with ease.

Vyllaea shook her head, clearing her thoughts. "Where did you go, Maisen..." Vyllaea asked herself quietly, her eyes narrowing to find any sorts of movement. It was rather strange, the area around her seemed to be so... quiet compared to what she was expecting. This wasn't the sort of husstle and busstle that it was around the portal - but perhaps this portal was one that was created solely to attack the waterfolk. But that wouldn't make sense, not unless these people had something against her kind.

But she couldn't create a form of care about that at the moment, Maisen was out here somewhere. Vyllaea began stalking through the darkness, walking so others couldn't see her easily. She would rather die than let him get away with whatever he was doing. At the very least, she would bring him to the council - for forsaking a Guardian's role. For lying. Putting lives in danger.

That was the most mild punishment that she would ensure that he received. She wanted this lying snake locked up at and to be at the mercy of death itself. It was the very least that he deserved. But the trick would be tracking him down.

And maybe winning a few bar fights would be what she needed to do, judging by the sounds at what seemed to be a local tavern. Surely they would know of any abnormal people around...
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PostSubject: Re: Outcast (Private)   Mon May 15 2017, 21:35

Time dragged by, Vyllaea stirring to with the prick of pain sparking in her mind. She knew better than to try and recoil, feigning sleep. Vyllaea couldn't help clenching her teeth as something broke through the skin on her arm, sharp, painful, drawing out her blood. Another pain, another odd feeling. Why the hell would they want her blood? She cracked her eyes open.

They dropped a few specks of powder into it, before frowning. "Hmm, this is odd..."

"Did you do the test right?"

"I'm sure..." Another prick into her arm, causing the world to spin once more. This time, they applied the powder onto their arm.

Both of them fell silent. ".... You better let them know."

The sound of rushing feet echoed in her mind as she opened her eyes. Her frown deepened a little, she'd never seen it be black before... Why was it black? She closed them once more, hearing them come back from their dash. Something... Slithered... through the grounds, investigating the vial. "Interesting...
Their voice sounded almost like a snake would be if they could speak... after being crushed under a car. Great. Her luck. Was amazing.

Something smooth and slick raised her arm, before something else ran over her leg, slowly making its way up her side, across her abdomen. It came to rest on her chest, the heat becoming uncomfortably warm.

"Surprising... He returned her to us... Where have you been hiding all these years?"


Maisen smirked, he had succeeded, if only for a third of them. However, his smirk was short lived when, rather suddenly, Cedric slammed into him. Anger poured from him, anger dripping from Cedrics being. He grabbed Maisen's head, pounding it again and again into the ground. His armour held. Then dented. Then fractured on the last blow.

And his armour was thick, sturdy, nothing normally was able to break it...

He felt himself sit up, hearing Negene's voice speak from within him. That made him shudder lightly, but he ached, the pain flowing all through his body. "Like... They would make a deal with you."
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PostSubject: Re: Outcast (Private)   Tue May 16 2017, 08:19

Cedric stared into the light Maisen gave off, teeth bared. He could feel something beastial within him clawing its way out every time he saw the bastard. "You'd better pray you do." Turning, he felt the pain of his half wings returning into his body, putting his eye-patch back on. Normally, he'd be falling with weakness. Instead, incandescent rage filled him with the energy he needed.

Looking at Maisen, he carefully raised the chipping of his helmet. His hand contorted, glowing a vibrant Cyan before he let the liquid metal flow out of his palm.

The threat was obvious.
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PostSubject: Re: Outcast (Private)   

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Outcast (Private)
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