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There is no more division between where you can and cannot travel. World blurs into world as you reach across galaxies, searching for something beyond...
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 Lore Of Creation

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PostSubject: Lore Of Creation   Sun Nov 27 2016, 11:27

In the beginning, nothing was nothing.

Six beings of light, dark, fire, water, earth, and air sat in the void- contemplating their lack of existence. If nothing is truly nothing, how were they to be?

In a display of graciousness, of kindness and of love, the being of light began the great sacrifice. She took her scales, casting their brilliance over the nothingness The empty void. From her elegant powers, the stars were birthed. Unwilling to be outshone, Fire cast his mighty scales into the void as well. Stars burst even brighter than before, their light now blazing with life. Suns formed from the glorious power. Earth saw the potential for a truly unbound beauty and she cast her scales into the darkness as well. Rocks scattered through the now dubbed Universe, coming together to form Planets. Seeing the opportunity for life, Water was moved into tears. Choosing these as her gift, planets blossomed from the life-giving liquid. Wind wouldn't be out done, choosing to give the air from the beat of his wings to move the worlds. Birds of his image were born from his feathers, pollinating the flowers and trees that Earth and Water had created together.

Darkness, however, looked upon the creation with disdain. So much chaos, so much discord from the random spawns of life. He took his eye- to see all of creation, and put it in the center of the once-void. Light saw as he did this, astounded by his sacrifice so much that she took her own eye as well. Before she could place it alongside Darkness, it shattered. The Core was placed within the first eye, and fragments spread across the universe- creating more life and vibrancy where they landed.

Seeing what had happened as a blessing, Light was satisfied. Darkness despised the lack of order, wanting to complete Light's eye. Though he could not interfere as he wished, he gave the inhabitants of the newly formed universe the means to attain what he oh so desperately wanted. The order which he craved. Portals blossomed throughout the universe, leading to the fragments of what he would dub the Eye of the Gods. The more they gathered, the more they could reach, their hand stretching further into the stars. This was how Darkness would fix the misgivings of Light, and create the order he wished so fervently for.

Humans now have the ability to walk freely from one end of the universe to another, with the help of the Dark Portals. As more Utopian Fragments are found the Cores of each God will become available.

Cores found: 0
Utopian Fragments collected: 30%
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Lore Of Creation
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