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 Newo the Tyrant

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PostSubject: Newo the Tyrant    Tue Jun 13 2017, 23:26

General Character Information

   Name: Newo
   Gender: female-ish
   Age: 16
   Sexuality: ruthlessly straight
   Species: Strange Beast (fancy term for a really weird animal)

   Character Appearance

   Height: 6’ 10”
   Appearance: Newo is a horribly large anthropomorphic wolf with dense black fur and tall pointed ears. She is the stuff of nightmares with a crippled stature and augmentations that both enhance and contort her body. Too many canines line her jaw, she can’t walk with her back straight, and is so bulky regular clothes and furniture don’t fit. Watching her in action however could be both viewed as a beautiful display of a high performance body or more blantaly, terrifying. A scraggly tail trails behind her, paws and head massive and intimidating. Being the intelligent dog she is, Newo makes her own clothing best described as Victorian clashing with World War garb. This includes a gas mask and a peculiar suit.

   Personality and Traits

   Personality: If one were to look up the definition of ‘tyrant’ Newo’s picture would be right beside it. She is an alpha, the literal queen bitch and has spent years clawing and fighting her way up to such a stance. Those who dare oppose her deserve to die in this monster’s eyes. An antagonist to the very core with absolutely no soft side, even romance and sex provides no break from her vicious attitude. Anyone unlucky enough to be with her would find the only advantage to the relationship is having a great guard dog.

Despite the obvious instinctual role she takes on, Newo is wickedly smart with a literary genius mind for science, engineering, and mechanics. She fits right in with the steampunk world, flawlessly crafted robots and weapons being a large part of her already deadly arsenal. On the opposite side of the coin, her magical sense is quite literally zero. She has a heavy weakness to it and falls incredibly short in understanding and recognizing it.

Having to struggle with memory and physical issues, a rare weak side shows in her personality sometimes. One that will against all usual behavior, accept coddling and care. If one can keep up with her level of thinking or creativity when it comes to punishing others, Newo will respect them sincerely and shift to a wolf of great class and etiquette.  

In short, she is a beastly dictator who only shows her weakness to those she respects.

   Hobbies: tinkering, collecting scraps to use for said tinkering, killing, fighting, pillaging, experimenting, torturing, lots of villainy stuff
   Interests: a surprising fondness for those that can keep up with her level of conversation, gears and gadgets, interesting findings or other scientific related things, torture methods, books
   Dislikes: any shred of resistance against her command or what she wants, severely dislikes magic, idiots (which basically means most everyone for her)

   Skills: hyper intelligent with an amazing ability to work wonders with machines, excellent and ruthless fighter, great dictator and war strategist
   Flaws: no sense for anything magical, severe medical issues (she suffers from random long term memory lost and a long list of bodily dysfunctions), obviously not the best with socializing


   Family: unknown
   Partner: N/A
   Children: N/A


   History: Genius is not always a good thing. Taking logic to the far extreme can end in a twisted view where solutions don’t account for basic humane needs, such is the story of Newo. She grew up a normal little girl, evolving into someone who aspired to help fix all the wrongs in the worlds, connect them under a status where death didn’t exist and even currency had no place.

Quickly in this pursuit unification became ‘kill those who oppose me’ from ‘understand those who oppose me’. Her logic breaking her sense of emotion and basic humanity as she studied and tried in vain to implement solutions. As this shift of view seeped in, she started to experiment on herself. Mold and make herself into something that could indeed rule with absolute power for the better of everyone.

Too many failures in this practice erased her memory, her original intent, her basic feelings, everything that made her who she was. Newo is now just a rampaging beast, working toward a goal she doesn’t understand. Rule more, gain more power, expand what she owns. The wastelands is what she claims is ‘hers’. It is perhaps best she sticks to the desolate area. Putting real power in her paws would mean true ruin.

   RP paragraph:
Dust picked up in the wind, wisps of dirt particles creating a smog that was low to the ground. Heavy paws pressed into the dry earth, black claws resembling a mix of wicked talon and dog nail kicking up more debris as the hulking beast moved. The monster’s lips ever so slowly peeled back in a viciously ugly grin, lowering to get as close to eye level as she could to a freshly captured prisoner. Her pitch black eyes surrounded by a bleached white did not move, locked unto the fresh meat like a statue. A long sharp claw from her hand mixed with human and mutt autonomy moved to poise at the man’s throat, “Those who don’t pay their taxes on my land…” she slowly pressed the deadly biological weapon in the victim’s soft flesh, “die.”

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PostSubject: Re: Newo the Tyrant    Fri Jun 16 2017, 13:38

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Newo the Tyrant
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