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Hello, and welcome to Stars Within our Reach. We are a fantasy role-playing forum that have aspects of Steampunk technology within our world. Here, Guardians and Travelers work together to bring Shards of the Utopian Core back to the Eye of the Gods. Strange things lurk in the shadows, proving survival to be difficult in an area so prosperous...

Make sure to read our site rules before joining, and we hope that you have a fun time here!

There is no more division between where you can and cannot travel. World blurs into world as you reach across galaxies, searching for something beyond...
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 Site rules

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PostSubject: Site rules   Mon Nov 28 2016, 19:23

Hello there, and welcome to Stars Within Our Reach! (SWoR for short)

Here, we are a fantasy roleplaying forum and just like any of these other sites, we have a few rules that we need you guys to know about.

1. Attitudes.

Look, no one, and I mean no one, likes a drama causer. If you've come here just to be completely rude to one another, that's just a no go zone. People are here to have fun in their breaks. We don't want people to deal with stress, drama, etc. Please leave those attitudes at the door before you come in and have fun. It's a site for enjoyment and fun. That being said, we allow swearing onto our site - please note, unless your character is naturally a swearer, excessive swearing will result in a warning. Due to the site being aimed towards having fun and a goal for everyone to reach, there is a very low toleration for drama, unnecessary anger, etc, which will result in an instant warning. Further pushing and causing drama and tension will result in a ban.

2. Phishing

Users who make accounts to link to other RP websites will be instantly banned. We have an affiliate form for users to fill out should they wish to have their site advertised on SWoR, and ask that they do the kindness of reciprocating affiliation. Please restrain yourselves from doing this.

3. Spam

Members who post every single day on the same topic should only be progressing, not bumping or having in-depth Out Of Character (OOC) chatter. OOC chatter is easier to do with the cbox, and is highly encouraged, as well as the use of the private messaging systems if people need to ask for clarification about several things in a reply. OOC talk in a topic is fine if you are 'bumping' a topic. However, bumping a topic should only be done once a week or so, after the first 7 days have passed. This is to save people from having constant notifications and to give people time to think and reply. Do not do constant non-progressive OOC talks or constant bumping within a topic.

This rule includes that of spam for the cbox, which is also known as the chatbox. Constant 'spam' messaging, which include sending constant links without permission from the other users on at the present time is highly frowned upon and can result in a cbox ban.

4. Sexual/Racial Harassment

Anything which is more than friendly chatter, for example, putting heavy suggestions of doing something other than friendly contact is strictly prohibited. Any sign of this and you will be banned. Sure, people can be friendly and do the whole "Hug and kisses" thing, but anything further than that is a no-go zone. Saying or even trying to force people to do something against their will is absolutely prohibited. Other things which are include racial slanders, including calling people something which is against their nationality. Insinuating or recreating a mocking representation of peoples race is also prohibited.

These rules are not to be broken. Especially in cbox. Even better if you don't do it in PM as well. If these things are done, then you will be issued, at the very least, a temporary cbox ban.

5. Age.

SWoR is not liable or responsible for users who lie about their age to access any mature content located within our website. While we attempt to regulate our users and their ages to restrict access to such a thing as much as possible, there are still a few who slip by. We hold our legal right to ban users who are caught breaking this rule, and deviate to Forumotion's legal agreements. Again, we are *NOT* responsible for underage users accessing the 17+ section.

6. Role-playing

When you are up to this, there are several things which we want you to avoid. These include;

-God-modding, forcing abilities of another character to do something else. For example, if you are in a combat RP against a lightning user, and you say the lightning bolt fizzled out instead of getting near you. This is a no-no.  

-Power-playing, forcing someone elses character to do something. For example if you used a character called Sam, this would be powerplaying; "Sam slapped John and John took a step back in surprise.". If you want to do a basic power-play of someone's character, you must ask for permission to do so first. If you don't, they have the right to ask you to edit your post. If you refuse, the staff will be forced to get you to change it. Basically, don't control other peoples characters without their expressed permission. This rule is strictly enforced in combat RP, as staff will constantly be reading the topic.

-Meta-playing, probably the trickiest of the three, but this is making your character aware of situations which have been talked about in cbox or another topic and acting based on this gained information. Basically, try and keep your character from using information that they haven't found out in RP. Keep their knowledge and yours seperate.


7. Staff-monitered Chats. (Skype, Chatzy, etc.)

Honestly, this should be a given. If the chat is affiliated to SWoR, the same rules that apply in the on-site chatbox apply elsewhere.

8.  Respecting Staff (IMPORTANT.)

When we grade abilities and character sheets, we want to make them fair. We do the same for the Admins, and grade theirs even more harshly. This means that you should respect the comments they have for editing abilities, and not put up a hissy fit. If you have an issue, please settle it with words rather than (Fuk u m80) Or something along those lines. You should also respect a staff member, regardless of their age. They sacrifice their time to spend helping you out.


If you are staff on another site, do not expect golden-boy treatment. You earn your ranks here, and everyone starts as a Member. You apply for staff. It's not handed to you.
Abilities are P.M.'d to Admins. Those users with the White names and the glow. They post it in a staff-only forum, and grade it with the help of everyone. If there are issues, you will be replied to and brought to a private area to work on them. This is to make it to where no one can power-play abilities.
Shards are EVENTS. BUT THEY'RE NOT UNAVAILABLE TO EVERYONE. Every now and then we have Shard/Core events, where EVERYONE can participate. This will be further explained on-site.
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Site rules
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