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 Tion, the Dragon of Wind

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PostSubject: Tion, the Dragon of Wind   Sun Jun 18 2017, 21:00

General Character Information

Name: Tion
Gender: Male
Age: 150
Sexuality: Straight
Species:Western Dragon

Character Appearance

Height: 15ft
Appearance: Tion is a small but bulky western dragon. His scales were rounded and naturally yellow, but also adopted white sheens that came and went as passersby walked around him. He has 2 pairs of horns, both from the back of his skull. 1 pair jutting upwards are thinner compared to the other pair protruding downwards along his neck. Plate-like protrusions grow from the base of his head and his upper neck. And finally, his eyes are pure yellow. Aside from these, he does not have any other notable features about him.

He is a digitigrade dragon, meaning he walks and runs on his claws. The wings are webbed with scaly membranes, with the wing 'fingers' made in a manner that they merge evenly with his wing thumbs. His tail is rather thick, but maintains its flexibility as he can curl it around small rocks for stability or so. A sample picture of him is in the display avatar.

Personality and Traits

Tion is a very curious dragon with a big appetite for innovation and arcane magic. Occasionally he would find it very difficult to keep still if he were surrounded with mysterious objects and would desire nothing more than to tinker with them. Though this curiosity often got him into trouble, for he had been caught stealing, ruining and even destroying rare artefacts. When maturity hit, he was able to control himself. To everyone he doesn't know him better, it seems Tion care for nothing else saved for his own interests. If anyone were to walk into his room, it would be filled with a lot of mysterious machinery and artefacts he had collected during his time. But that was only one side of his personality.

Whenever Tion finished playing around with his artefacts or games, he would take on a more serious persona towards others, but it isn’t a surprise that he would drop into a playful dragon who would cheer any young hatchling at the mere sight of them. Tion is flawed in that he had no sense of fear outside of losing his flight and falling from the sky. As such, if he is told that the world was about to end, he would hardly take any note of it. It can be said that Tion hated boredom and would rather indulge in his own interests. But if anyone got to getting him join in on a conversation, they would realise how caring he really is.

Hobbies: Basically he will act on his list of interests below. If not, he will mostly either be napping or sightseeing.

-Puzzles. As well as solving them, he is also in love with creating and twisting them in different ways. Though he would sometimes create something within the realm of being an unsolvable piece.
-Chess. Typically, anything that could exercise his brain would attract his attention. In fact, Tion was so in love with chess that he would challenge anyone who would encounter to the board game.
-Artefacts. Tion was a very curious dragon but sometimes it could be hard to trigger that sort of curiosity. Tion was, in fact, a collector of sorts, taking his fascination on all sorts of artefacts, whether they were constructed in unique ways, whether they portray certain stories or histories, or if they were magical.

-Commotions. The level of noise would be high enough to disturb him from thinking, or getting anything done for that matter.
-Waiting. He could have gotten so many things done during the time period he had to wait for something. It would feel frustrating to him.
-Restrictions. Basically anything that would take away his freedom to do the things he enjoyed. However, this doesn't apply to his responsibilities based on whatever position he holds.



Tion possessed descent strength for his size, though he was better using his speed to his advantage, especially when he was in the air. He had mastered the way of flight, as he would like to call it, being able to shift to different heights within seconds, or making extremely sharp turns that would have blacked out most dragons. Whenever he was involved in a fight, Tion was much better at fighting if he was fighting from the air compared to the ground. He was still fast on foot, but dragons that prioritised speed would be faster than him.


Tion’s mental strength was immense and would almost always implement strategic thinking in whatever situation he was in. In fact, he was trained to watch the fight, or any given scenarios, like one giant puzzle or chess game for him to solve. Of course, because of this, he would easily underestimate the situation. Surprise attacks would be his downfall if he wasn’t careful.


Lacklustre Defence – Tion unfortunately did not possess any means of protecting himself, so he was extremely vulnerable to attacks that would affect a huge area. He could shrug off some damage, but not as much as a dragon of an average bulk of his size.
Majority of his offences drains a lot of energy – Tion could not frequently use his lightning-based attacks without tiring himself easily. Usually it would take about 5 lightning attacks before Tion would start to feel the effects of fatigue, even if he had just started fighting. Foes could use this to their advantage by hiding their true potentials as much as possible, as it could fool Tion.
Sometimes too curious for his own good, though this affects him more in the direction outside of combat. Whenever he's caught an eye for something of his interest, he finds it hard to just let it go and has a tendency to ignore or water down issues present in the meeting, discarding some of them as trivial. Its an attitude that's rather unbecoming of a Guardian, but at least he can differentiate what is 'trivial' and what requires urgent attention.
He also overvalues his wings, knowing fully well that his expertise is in the art of flying. Tion cannot imagine what he would do if his wings become crippled, seeing that most of his strengths depend on it.


Family: Deceased
Partner: N/A
Children: N/A


History: To be done in RP.
RP paragraph: This is Sly.

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PostSubject: Re: Tion, the Dragon of Wind   Tue Jun 20 2017, 06:33

Hey there Tion~!

I need to ask you to go into more detail with your dragons appearance. I know you've already changed it up a bit and such, but you need to be more detailed than that. Does he have horns? Eye colour? Scars? Please just add a bit more to this section as it's meant to be detailed.

You also need to do an RP paragraph, unless you do it on Sly's application.

Once you have done this, please bump it up.
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PostSubject: Re: Tion, the Dragon of Wind   Wed Jun 21 2017, 19:02

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PostSubject: Re: Tion, the Dragon of Wind   Thu Jul 06 2017, 23:30

Rp paragraph pleeeease ;-;

And you may need to change the class as the guardians are locked due to the corrupt core.
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PostSubject: Re: Tion, the Dragon of Wind   

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Tion, the Dragon of Wind
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