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 Negene, Siren of Emotion

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PostSubject: Negene, Siren of Emotion   Tue Jun 20 2017, 10:22

General Character Information

Name: Negene- He forgot his last name.
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty three.
Sexuality: Straight.
Species: Amalgamation of a Siren and a Nightmare.

Character Appearance

Height: Six-foot-five.
Amalgam: Two horns of jet black curl forward, his jet black hair nesting them. Said hair frames his face, and his tan skin highlights such features. His Marks are almost hidden in his black patterns, which grow over him the more his emotions take over him. He likes to wear his black leather jacket, black tee-shirt, and white pants that have tears intermittent through him. His chain holds a Gear, one specifically marking the time and acts as a compass.

Siren form: He still retains his horns, but his tail is made of golden scales on the underside, black ones on the top side. His tail fin is bright red, along with his frill fins. His ears are also these colors. The jet black scales mirror his jet black hair, and he keeps his green eyes.

Demon form: Like an inky black shadow of whatever he mimics with bright green eyes.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Negene's a cocky sonovabitch who doesn't typically speak more than he has to. However, he's got a soft spot for lost souls- not that he'd ever admit to such. His dog, Eutro is a perfect example of this. He protects that doggo with everything he has, since the poor pup is a lot like him in that he was lost once. Along with most of his friends.
Hobbies: Playing guitar, playing Chess with Cedric, and sparring Erynn.
Interests: He loves sesame chicken, and cooking it. He also happens to love music, along with finding new people to study their Names.
Dislikes: He really fucking hates liars. He also hates Corrupt. Along with attacks against his form, who he was and such.

Skills: He's good at singing, playing guitar, and of course drawing Marks for Gears or Hunters/Travelers/Guardians.
Flaws:He's terrified of being alone. His original form brings back bad memories, and he tries to avoid it. He's very susceptible to emotional attacks.


Family: N/A
Partner: Lyralai Ju'an
Children: N/A


History: He once worked as a Hunter for the Amalgams. Now then he works for the Council as a Cross Hunter, which can be explained later.
RP paragraph:

Rolling his eyes, Negene's arms wrapped around Lyralai. A flash of annoyance came from her, before he nuzzled into her neck. She of course, tried to ignore it- but he knew she enjoyed the physical appreciation for what she was. "God, you're adorable when you're embarrassed. Your wings are so tiny here, how can you make them grow to be so freaking giant?" At that, he began to play with the shadowy tendrils, before her tail whipped away his hands. Laughing he shook his head before disappearing into them- his shadowy body easily melding with them, emerald green eyes blazing with life.

Another day, another adventure.
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PostSubject: Re: Negene, Siren of Emotion   Tue Jun 20 2017, 14:17

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Negene, Siren of Emotion
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