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 Classes - Beastmasters

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PostSubject: Classes - Beastmasters   Tue Jun 20 2017, 20:51

Beastmasters are the keeper of wild beasts, animals and monsters for the Council. Not only are they do they look after tamed or caged animals, they also are sent out to stop other beasts. This means that they will talk and, with words and emotions, they will try to calm down rampaging beasts. They will NOT use excessive force or summons to calm down beasts, only words, emotions and other, non harming things to subdue them. Hurting even raged beasts is punishable by the Council as if they wanted them damaged, then they would send other classes after them. It's even to the point that the council will call down a Hunt to strike at Beastmasters who break this code. That being said, the beasts they try and calm down include rampaging Leviathans, wild behemoths, Dragons, Hydras and other significantly large creatures which are used as NPCs for challenges against people, or by the admins themselves. They also can try to calm down smaller animals, such as cats and dogs, anything between them and the great beasts mentioned earlier.

To obtain this class, you have to ask an admin (Vyllaea) to know if you are able to obtain one. This is because they are very few Beastmasters who are actually living as many die before the age of 31, the record being 36 years old before they were eaten by a giant salamander. Their high casualties from trying to calm beasts generally scare of people from joining this class. Many people also attempt this class, but they don't have the heart to keep risking their lives for the Council to tame these beasts. Most quit before the age of 26.

That being said, they go through intense training at the Academy for up to 6 years, with gifted young ones able to pass through the traineeship in just 4 years. They go through this training before being given a final test. This test is designed to ensure that they are truly equip to deal with the monsters alone. The council will do one of two things. They will either let loose an old beast who is known to have a bad temper and they'll request it to be set off on an enraged. The new recruit is then to try and subdue that monster. Of course, experiences Beastmasters, Enforcers and Practitioners are stationed nearby in case something goes rather wrong. But if the student is able to pass the test and subdue the beast with techniques that they have mastered during the traineeship, then they pass the test. The second option that some take is to actively leave the confines of Utopia and seek out their own beast to subdue. Typically, either an Enforcer or a Practitioner will accompany them, just in case. This is a more dangerous option, but they have the ability to choose which beast they will try and calm. This could be great sea creatures from Yvantis, wandering lizard-like monsters in Utopia, or other creatures in Necrotia and other beasts they encounter. Of course, it has to be larger than two and a half times their height, and rather large. If it's not and they take the subdued beast back to the Portal or Utopia's experienced Beastmasters, they are instantly sent back out.

Typically, and after finding the new portal, young Beastmasters will go through to Vester, a plane known for the wild and rather dangerous animals there. However, sadly, most don't return from that trip due to the difficulties that they face upon arriving there. These difficulties are mainly due to them underestimating the beasts they're trying to calm.

They have a unique mark, the Beastmaster Mark, which is generally imprinted on the hand or on a Rune attached to a bracelet. It CANNOT be put anywhere else due to reasons mentioned later. This allows travel between the worlds, in conjunction with the Traveler marks, allow them to breathe underwater, allow them to withstand crippling heats and basically go where ever they need to go to stop a rampage. Instant recognition of this mark is quite often required so that the Beastmasters aren't stopped from trying to get to where they need to go, hence the location on the hand. They also cannot cover this mark at all. However they do not really provide anything special like the other marks.

However, that being said, these unique patterns grant instant access to Pens, Traps and other areas which are mainly kept away from the public eye that house dangerous beasts. They also allow access to previously tamed beasts, older beasts who are more fragile than others and need the utmost in care to be able to speak with them.

Any questions, feel free to post them.

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Classes - Beastmasters
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