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 Daemian, The Celestial Necromancer

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PostSubject: Daemian, The Celestial Necromancer   Wed Jun 21 2017, 00:41

General Character Information

Name: Daemian
Gender: Male
Age: If converting the time from being in the heavens to the earth, he's over 2,000 years old, but he appears around 23.
Sexuality: Heterosexual/Straight.
Species: Angel - 'Neutral' Celestial
Class: Traveler.

Character Appearance

Height: 6'4
Daemian is a rather oddly pale-ish individual, with a red scarf that covers his neck and face up to the nose, a thigh-length jacket that he buttons up near his neck covers most of his arms and chest, the red shirt which hangs over his greyish white pants being exposed underneath. He has two belts that are strapped around his right leg, topped with steel-grey coloured shoes. Across his arms, he generally wears strips of white fabric, bandages, for tending to his own wounds. His frame is tall, rather muscular with a rather graceful set of black wings (tainted by the necromancy he dabbles in) that reaches 24 feet in its wingspan, build for speed during flight and he never hides them, always having them on display.

His black wings matches his black hair, which is somewhat short and almost flows over his left gunmetal grey eye. The right side of his face has a rather jagged scar that runs vertically down and over his right eye, the scars matching the jagged appearance of his scarred lips, hiding the equally as horrific teeth underneath. But that right eye is always shut. If he ever opens it, it reveals an eye with a black iris, a vertical crimson slit through through its center. If he uses the powers of the Eye, then it can cause his scars to bleed a black vile ooze, as well as any injury he obtains and it 'bleeds' over the other eye. By this, it slowly transforms his left eye into the same as his right by 'bleeding' its colouration (a right to left pattern for him) until it completely covers the eye. Closing the right eye instantly removes all appearance changes.

Also, have a link~! This might be helpful for understanding what he looks like. Daemians apearance

Personality and Traits

Daemian is a brilliant mix of complete and utter sarcasm, perfect innocence of other things, partial uncaringness, kindness, calmness and wisdom, with the tendency not to swear. It's incredibly difficult to insult him properly, but when he is insulted, he'll lash back with his own sarcasm to attempt to outwit them and prove that he's the smarter guy. He takes the time to think things over, but often delves into sarcasm if he's uncertain. However, Dae doesn't just acting on a whim based from his emotions like his adopted sister, preferring not to just dive in there and do things. It's just not his style.

When he thinks that he's outnumbered, he will open his Eye and allow his necromatic powers to go through. However, the longer and more intense the burst of use is from this eye, the madder Daemian is driven and the more likely it is for him to curse throughout his speech and thoughts. This is due to the link that the Eye creates with the original being to be able to use that necromatic powers. He becomes maddened to the state of almost pure craziness, insanity and bloody murderous- so much so that only people related to him will break him temporarily out of his trance so that he, or they, can shut the eye and sever the connection.

Daemian is also very nervous with the scars that he has, fearing that people will run from him upon seeing them. They are, after all, quite horrific and disgusting and most people are driven away upon seeing them, no matter how well they know him when he has that scarf up. When it's gone, most of the time, their respect vanishes as well. However, one person that stuck with him after seeing it and actually not being freaked out is the one person Daemian will do anything for to make her smile and protect her- even if it means embracing the Eye completely.

**Please note, the Eye is one of his 'abilities' and, therefore, it will be explained there.**

Hobbies: Practicing his violin, walks through forests and other quiet areas, as well as being a bit of a sarcastic guy. He also enjoys
Interests: Mind games, puzzles, music, learning, eating, stone crafting and shaping, housing designs, explorations and necromancy- to certain degrees.  
Dislikes: He absolutely hates the looks people give him for his scars, teeth and eye, judgemental assholes, people who are just downright disrespectful. He also doesn't like animals and creatures over his size (including his wingspan in their length, so anything taller than 6'4 or longer than 24 feet), anything like that reminds him of the hell he went through.

~Housing design. He's spent hours upon hours with his brother designing Roshan's own home. Because of this, he's developed a nack (or ability/capability) for being able to do this rather well.
~Being calm, despite desperate situations. He will almost never lose his cool, even in dire situations.
~He can operate on barely any food, but, he does tire faster than if he had food in his stomach.
~Hand to hand combat- surprisingly, this muscular guy can pack a punch. But, that's pretty much it, with above average strength for an Angel. That means he can probably take on a heavily muscled man, despite being out-muscled, Daemian would be able to deal with them relatively easy.
~Celestial blood - Shared with his brother and all other Celestials, the two have increased resistances to alcohol and weak poisons.
~The Eye as it's constantly pulling him to it's madness when he overuses it. Even though this is easily broken, it still can last long enough to cause rather bad consequences.
~He's over caring towards his partner, if anything were to happen to them and he saw, he'd put them back in their place, meaning that trapping him is easy.
~Daemian isn't the best fighter, relying mainly on overwhelming others with his abilities. He will more than likely be beaten via distances and going for other people he cares for.
~He's also terrified of chains- specifically metallic ones laced with black colourations that were used once to stop him from breaking out.
~What on earth are weapons? He doesn't use them at all, relying on physical combat and his abilities to win him fights.
~Surprise attacks man. They get him almost every time. Damn.


Family: Parents are unknown.
Brother: Roshan
Adopted Sister: Vyllaea
Partner: Erynn (Girlfriend)
Children: None~


History: I'd like to reveal this through RP.
RP paragraph:
Winds rushed through the airs beneath his feathers, his lips pulling back into a sadistic grin. Teeth, razor sharp were showed through the partial opening of the mouth, his eyes wide with insanity. Ebony with crimson vertical slits glared at their foes, his hand raising to call upon his powers, the black flowing from his fingertips. "You really, really shouldn't have fucked with Erynn. You should have left her alone, so that I could take care of her. But no. Here you are. Hurting her. Tormenting her. Oh you stupid fools. You fucking IDIOTS! I'm going to make you suffer, make you beg to Light that I'm MERCIFUL to YOU!"
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PostSubject: Re: Daemian, The Celestial Necromancer   Wed Jun 21 2017, 15:20

Approved. c:
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Daemian, The Celestial Necromancer
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