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 Classes- Practitioners.

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PostSubject: Classes- Practitioners.   Wed Jun 21 2017, 19:15

Hello guys, I'm here today to explain what Practitioners are.

These guys are more or less the 'healers' or the 'Doctors' of Travelers and Guardians. They're stationed after natural disasters, in offices for routine visits, or are sent out during war to take care of injured men and women or otherwise at arms. They train in both the Academy and the Citadel to understand the physicalities of those they heal in particular. The Academy gives them the basic understanding of Traveling, how to survive and fend for themselves should anything go wrong while they are sent off to other planes via the Council. However, the Citadel is where they are really tested as that is where the Enforcers and other more 'aggressive' classes are trained. Injuries inflicted on other one another through combat of various styles are what young trainee Practitioners are sent to learn how to heal and treat. This includes anything from minor cuts, to lethal blows that would kill if left unattended, as well as a variety of other things that they are exposed to. They are also taught how to defend themselves at the Citadel.

The intense and rigorous training that they are forced to go through can take even the most exceptional students at least 4 years to even complete the this traineeship. For most others, it takes 6 years to complete.

Regarding their marks, they are rather unique as they have two sets of them. On their right wrists, a band of Guardian Marks are wrapped around their hand to grant them access to the Core in emergencies or during call. They have a set of Travelers marks over their heart as well. The marks on the wrists must be identifiable at all times and are to be included in your app's appearance section.

In the end, Practitioners are, in the end, able to be able to tend to virtually any injury. Their job is to literally go anywhere to patch up the injured, serving as normal doctors and what not. They're more or less Utopia's medical field, and to have a Practitioner's mark is to show you went through long sessions of study.

Practitioners are a semi-open class, please ask to make one.
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Classes- Practitioners.
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