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There is no more division between where you can and cannot travel. World blurs into world as you reach across galaxies, searching for something beyond...
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 Classes - Enforcers

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PostSubject: Classes - Enforcers   Thu Jun 22 2017, 00:23

Enforcers are bound by the Laws of the Council and they are their law keepers. Should a problem present itself, two or more people from this group are sent to settle it down. Anything which break the laws of the land, they are sent to deal with. In pairs, they are designated sections of the cities to watch over. They ensure that peace remains throughout not only Utopia, but also the other lands as well. This class, as well as being the Law keepers, are also the protectors of Utopia, being the front line defence should anyone try to invade their realm. So far, no one has been able to break through their firm defences. Enforcers are trained in the Citadel within Utopia, their training incredibly intense. They're taught to fight, use their abilities effectively, be harsh when they need to and are given advance restraining training. However, their skills aren't as honed as the Guardians in regards to combat and they also are taught to be bring people for judgement, no matter the cost.

Their rigorous training, no matter how talented the person is, takes at least 4 years for them to complete. Included in this time are the copious durations in recovery from injuries where the Practitioners in training tend to them. Enforcers can always expect at least 3 months in recovery due to injuries that they sustain. If they don't, well, they just end up a hair better than other Enforcers, but still, nowhere near the levels of intense training that the Guardians have.

However, if Enforcers prove themselves to be incredibly ample, effective and efficient of sorting out these issues that arise from the community, they can be called upon by the council to undergo a single year of training to become an Inquisitor.

Inquisitors are a subclass for Enforcers, sharing the same capabilities as Enforcers, but having the unique opportunities to be chosen by the council to go undercover. While undercover, they are able to basically do a freelance operation to dig up and bring to light issues and scandals running through Utopia. If they also suspect something is wrong, they may request a Traveler to deliver a message to the Council regarding their sudden 'abandonment' of their post. Receiving the letter will ensure that the Inquisitor isn't punished for suddenly leaving and a new pair of Enforcers will be sent to that location to cover for the Inquisitor. Typically, upon finding the original source of the corruption, they normally are able to rely heavily on their abilities to bring them in for questioning. However, if all else fails, they can send to the Council a request to call down a Hunt. Sometimes this will be accepted, other times, it will be declined and a batch of both Guardians and Enforcers will be sent in the Hunters stead.

Inquisitors ARE NOT ABLE to be chosen as the class for your character. They MUST earn it through rp. If you have done enough to earn it, something that's going to be determined by the admins, they will make a rp thread exclusively with you to promote your character, before their training commences. Completion of this thread should be done within a few days of it being created, assuming both parties reply to it in a timely matter.

Something important to note is that their Marks (for both Enforcers and Inquisitors) are quite unique. The Marks allow them to travel through the portals without any negative impacts to their body. They are generally tattooed in a shape like that of a collar around the neck. However, the pattern varies between person to person, some having it like a vicious collar partially stretching up their neck, but others have the pattern stretch down like a necklace. Of course, it's up to the individual as to what it does. As stated before, both Enforcers and Inquisitors have the marks, however, Inquisitors are allowed to hide the marks while on a task for the council.

This group and its offshoot are currently under trial. So please ask if you want to be one of these.

Any questions, please post them below.
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Classes - Enforcers
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