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 Ardent, the broken soul

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PostSubject: Ardent, the broken soul   Thu Jun 22 2017, 01:23

General Character Information

Name: Ardent
Gender: Female
Age: around 19
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Anthropomorphic / humanoid dragon
Class: Traveller

Character Appearance

Height: 6’4” (draconic form), 5'3" (Human form)
Appearance: Standing over 6 feet, Ardent, at first glance at least, seems incredibly imposing. Clad in close to pitch black scales, tendrils of a deep, electric blue can be seen creeping around her chest and stomach from her back, like the faint after image of a lightning strike, fading rapidly. Circling around, these blue streaks become far more apparent, and are able to be distinguished as, in fact, two different sets, emanating from two different areas on her back, the places where her wings should have been. Instead, in this place, are two metal implants of some sort that emit a small, localised pain dimming field, mainly around her spinal column and surrounding nerves, the electric blue lines a byproduct of constant exposure. Her eyes are an oddly faded shade of gold, as if they’re older than the rest of her would suggest, while her head is adorned by a single set of backwards facing, ivory horns, one missing the top 1/4 or so, shattered by some powerful force, and refusing to regrow correctly. In addition to this, she also has a small line of spines, that begin at the top of her head, no more than small bumps, reaching small, 1/3 inch long spikes somewhere at the base of her skull, before shrinking again to disappear just above where the implants are set. Her claws are the same ivory sheen as her horns, but much more… subtle, those on her feet no more than short, sharp stubs to help her grip into things and climb. Those on her hands are retractable, and reach just under 4cm, from base to tip. They never stop growing, and as such must be used or trimmed continuously, usually by clawing at a tree or something of the like for a while.  

But once someone looks closer, they start to find the truth. Her scales, in many places, seem to be… mangled, with chipped edges, growing slightly out of alignment, giving her many gaps in them, mostly on her back, but several also around her upper chest, and one slightly larger gap at the back of her neck, over several main arteries. Used, originally for drawing blood and injections of various substances, it now has a small set of hunted marks, which she tries to hide whenever possible. She seems… unsure when she walks, often going at a slow pace and, unlike most, paying attention to the moments she makes while doing so. Even standing still, especially bored, she’ll fidget continuously, often bouncing from one foot to the other, as if standing still was… uncomfortable. Even sitting for anything more than a few minutes elicits the same restless response.

Her human form is just as eye catching and memorable as her draconic form, for all the wrong reasons. Standing at just under 5’3”, her hair is a deep black, with several electric blue highlights, like it had been dyed that colour, and reaches no further than her neck. Her face… her face is the most memorable part of her. Down the right side, most of the skin is pockmarked, and appears to have been burned by acid at some point, the skin pulling taut, giving her the slightest hint of a contemptful sneer when resting. Her golden eyes, carried through from her draconic form, are free from any form of kindness or respect, often looking at and examining people as if they are barely worth the air they breathe. The same hunted marks as in her draconic form are also found on this from, slightly more visible, but much easier to hide given her access to proper clothing. Below her neck, her body mimics many of the wounds her other form has. Large scars crisscross her back and chest, her belly relatively free. Those around her back are marginally deeper than any on her front, the deepest parts often directly over her spine. Overall, she’s rather thin, and wiry, the majority of her draconic strength lost in this form. Her clothing is rather simple. Black, whatever she get her hands on, preferring boots of some description, tight, comfortable pants, a simple shirt, topped off by her bloodied coat, or, in cases where something like that would be unacceptable, a black cloak with a hood. Interestingly, this form, due to it not… changing as drastically as her normal one, suffers far reduced pain, although still a large amount.
Personality and Traits

Personality: Rebellious, untrusting and cold would be the three words that come to mind for Ardent. Due to her past, she absolutely detests being given commands or orders, and will often ignore anything she’s told to do, especially if it restricts her newfound freedom in any way, shape or form. Her trust died the day she was taken, seeing all animals as sentient as herself as potential threats, and anything lower as a potential meal. If someone was to try and… win her trust, they’d find themselves with a loyal friend, albeit one who would treat them all the same, except in small ways, like speaking to them a little more, acknowledging them with small nods of her head and whispered thank you’s, and other small gestures, that one normally wouldn’t connect to that. Cold… emotionally, she’s barren. Or, at least that is what she wants the people who meet her to think. Inside, buried, she’s scared, alone, and in so much pain. She was just a child when it all started, and, albeit faintly, remembers how it was before, with her parents. She misses it so bearly, misses painless days, and calm nights, and misses others, to comfort and help her. Her pain is well hidden, but, combined with her flaws, can easily be made to flare up, manifesting in violent outbursts, usually directed at inorganic things, such as trees or metal / stone, just some form of destruction or violence to get blood pumping and adrenaline flowing, during which she can abandon herself, and have, for even just a minute, freedom from her pain.
Hobbies: Swimming, reading, hunting, dancing, specifically ballroom, sunbathing
Interests: Others who have been turned into test subjects, hunters, the Cores and history, Utopia, the Glacial City
Dislikes: Portals, being hit in the back / near her implants, being reminded she doesn’t have wings, sleep, being reminded of her past

Skills: Oddly enough, Ardent, even with her young mental age, knows how to use a wide range of medical equipment with unnerving accuracy and efficiency, from scalpels to bone saws, and to more mundane things like syringes and bandages.
A very high tolerance for blood that isn’t her own, she can effectively put her medical knowledge to good use.
She can go for several days at a time without proper sleep, only needing short naps to keep herself going until an eventual and unavoidable crash.
Flaws: Somniphobia, as her ‘shattered’ history easily leaks through during sleep. This means, that quite often, she suffers from insomnia, leaving her less observant, irritable, prone to outbursts and easily tired out (from physical activities). This also means she has a tendency to just… crash randomly, falling asleep suddenly and without warning, and almost impossible to wake up, at least for an hour or so.
Her pain dimmers. Any hard strike (such as a punch, or even a hard slap) near / between them will trigger a burst of debilitating pain that will cause her to quite literally spasm in pain for a post, rendering her completely vulnerable. As she recovers, the pain receptors kick into overdrive, rendering her immune to this source of pain and ONLY this source of pain for 3 posts. This same reaction can be triggered by hitting the intersection of two deep scars on her back in her human form, but the ‘cooldown’ is 4 posts instead of 3.  
Her mind tends to wander, with a very short attention span of only a few minutes, if that, leading her to drift off mid conversation sometimes, if the topic isn’t one she is particularly engaged in.
The pain she suffers, daily. The multitude of reconstructions she’s been forced to endure, in changing her form have left her with an incredible amount of pain to bear, daily. Mostly focused around her spine and limbs, it’s most heavily concentrated at the base of her neck and where her wings around be. This leads to her being slower, less inclined to do heavy work / intense physical activity (unless she needs to, like running from something or fighting etc.), and being more irritable. Combined with her insomnia, she has a tendency to snap at people easily.


Family: She had a mother and father, but was separated from them at an early age. She doesn’t know about siblings or any other family members.  
Partner: N/A
Children: N/A


History: Ardent, oddly enough, started her life as a feral dragon. The usual, a few years of childhood, slowly learning about her home, Utopia… until it all went wrong. At the age of 4, she had been wandering, a little too far from her home. She knew she was alone of course, no scents to tell her another living being, save small animals, was close. After a few hours… ‘exploring’ as it were, she lay down in the shade of a large tree, to take a short nap. When she woke up, she was lying, her body broken and mangled, tortured into a humanoid form, in the shade of another tree, this one deep in the wastelads, of Nectrotia.

She doesn’t remember, truly, what happened to her. But it comes to her… in her dreams. Being torn open, apart, bones and organs replaced and moved. Only for her to be brought back from the brink of blissful infinity and remade, a little more broken, and in a lot more pain, every time. Dreams of cold stone and metal, unfeeling eyes and cold, almost mechanical hands. Of being judged, like a piece of meat, and the cuts to be made marked on scales, or more often, her skin, scales torn out with ruthless efficiency. For almost 16 years… for almost 16 years she was subject to this torture, and that was only the beginning. Her mind was subject to it, days, weeks of ‘therapy’ at a time, to break her, turn her into an obedient creature. She reached her breaking point, her mind fleeing, leaving a husk, filled only with pain and a need to obey, if only to stop so much more pain. But it didn’t. They continued, as she aged, cracking, breaking bones, forcing them to grow in the ‘correct’ way. Her wings, once her pride and joy, that mimicked the night sky in all it’s glory, were torn out, no place for them in her new form. Instead, the dimmers were implanted, used as just another way to torture her, turning them on and off on a whim. But… they made a mistake. Her pain had been feeding that shred of her mind that still existed, turning it, focusing it into anger, rage… hate, using it to pull herself back into what resembled a single being. And so she began to plan, a single trait of hers, unknown to even her captors, at the heart of it. She had discovered her… human form quite early on, after one of her earlier reconstructions. She had wanted to be somewhere else, be someone else… and it had happened. She saw it as a secret, and kept it, for so long. Over years, she managed to scrape together enough discarded and bloodstained cloth to stitch together a makeshift coat.

When she was next removed from her cage, she tapped into her second secret. A burst of light, as wings of flame bloomed on her back, sending out a blast of searing air (will be explained in abilities). She held no kindness or regret in her heart, claws, teeth and wings working quickly in unison, killing those that had come to collect her. Her form then shifted, as she took the least burned clothes she could, the coat going on top, to hide and obscure many of her telltale wounds, such as those on her back. With knowledge born of years, she moved through corridors and past guards, an aura of cold indifferences, like so many of the experimenters, disdain even in her step. Those, combined with her piercing, golden eyes, a dismissive scowl and a scarred face gave her the illusion of authority, that she was meant to be there. None questioned her as she made to leave. Only feet from the exit, the alarm was raised. But by then, she was gone, her form shifted back to her usual, as adrenaline carried her far into the wasteland… beyond their influence.
RP paragraph: She hadn’t be sure what exactly had awakened her, but something most definitely had. Eyes bleary after her nap, she let out a small yawn, claws, and paws, stretching out as she let herself enjoy the sunlight in her sleepy stupor for long minutes, the thing that had awoken her pushed to the back of her mind by a myriad of other thoughts that crowded her sleepy mind. Rolling to her back, she kneaded the air lightly, closing her eyes and stretching out her neck and tail now, enjoying the sunlight as it warmed her nicely. That was, until of a course, a shadow blocked it out. Growling softly, annoyed that a cloud had so rudely interrupted her sunbathing, she opened her eyes, only to feel and see a dark cloth being shoved over her maw. Failing in panic, small claws and her tail smacking and trying to hurt everything in proximity, she felt her body grow heavy, her claws slipping back into her paws as she grew tired once more. Snarling, quietly, she tried to fight whatever the rag had been soaked in, her last image one of where she had been lying, a single, obsidian scale, from her tail, lodged in the bark of the tree.
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PostSubject: Re: Ardent, the broken soul   Thu Jun 22 2017, 19:37


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Ardent, the broken soul
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