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There is no more division between where you can and cannot travel. World blurs into world as you reach across galaxies, searching for something beyond...
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 Drunken Rambles

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PostSubject: Drunken Rambles    Mon Jun 26 2017, 08:36

Well, hey there everyone~! As you know, Cedric and I co-own this site. But, sometimes, my good ol' story admin decides to try and type shit up when they're either a) Drinking alcohol, or b) A bit mad. Sometimes... Sometimes you get a mix of both of these things. And. Well. . . I have to go through all of these things for you kiddos to be able to understand it all.

These things are just some of what I have to sort. So, I hope that you all enjoy this random post!

Old class information by the story Admin, Ced.

Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood Co-owner of this goddamn site. Takes sip of vodka to steel self.

As some of you may know, I've been avoiding some of this for quite. Some. Time. This site has grown, albeit a small amount, past just myself and Vy as admins. No longer shall I merely mention something, and the person reading it go "Oh! That was back during [insert whatever the fuck here]"


Now then, I need to actually go in fucking depth to this.

So excuse me while I drink myself way past sober, and go into detail

Travelers are, more or less, what the Council uses to gather information, deliver messages that are too important to go over with Gears, scout out things in new Planes, and of course. Lackeys. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Travelers are Lackeys. Sure, they get to go on adventures and such, get a sense of freedom, but they have to undergo classes in the Academy of Plane and Realm research-which is of course filled with Council teachers, and veteran Travelers. That's right! If you want your character to teach, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK ME, AND WE CAN FQEORIJWEKING WORK SOMETHING OUT FOR THAT.

Clearing of throat here.

Travelers require training to get their bodies used to the stress of being taken apart and put back together through Portal traversing. To help protect them from the environment of wherever they're traveling, Light made Marks.

We'll get into Marks here in a bit.

Travelers marks makes it to where, should a Traveler go to Utopia, they can BREATHE UNDER WATER. Sometimes the marks can be made into a very significant artifact- such as a necklace -for the user to use instead of tattoos. Granted, a Marksman will have to apply the Mark to the object yearly, and should the artifact be taken away the user can be in grave danger, IT'S STILL AN OPTION. WOO.

These are EXTREMELY important to the story of the Travelers.

Now then, if there are questions- PLEASE. Comment below.

And I'll go grab some more liquor.

That was just ONE of the lovely things we've sorted through.

But wait. There's more...

More internal struggles from this, but alas. What can I say? I'm the site's story leader, so I guess making a few things clear is more than fair to y'all.

But you've driven me into drinking, damn it. Just ask your questions >:c

Guardians are essential to the Council's runnings. They literally protect caravans that move to deliver products between portals and safe houses, guard the Monolith, protect Council members and Academy/Citadel students. You have to ask to become a Guardian because for whatever reason, only they and a select few (for story purposes, stfu about that please) can use Abilities near the Core. They stop anyone from breaching it, along with keeping prisoners locked in the Monolith itself. Of course, once the Core is breached the protective Marks on them don't really do anything to stop the Abilities. Another thing we'll get into later.

Guardian Marks are super duper special. They not only allow them to use abilities near the Core, but mimic Traveler Marks in that they'll protect their user. Not as completely or wholly, but enough for them to Traverse with packages and what not for protection. These guys have ranks, so you can be a newbie on guard duty, or all the way up there with the Council in commanding where Travelers and other Guardians go. Hell, you could even wind up pointing out a Hunt where to go.

But, that's pretty much all I can remember/recall. Proceed with your questions in the comments below, and I'll prepare the shots to deal with my brain being put through this.

THIS one. Dear gods. Okay, there's not enough liquor for me to do this, truthfully.

Hunters are normally like... Violently made. Their marks are from their kills, literally ripped from the skin of those they kill and graphed to their own. They don't get to have tattoos, artifacts, or anything like that to help them. They are put through gruesome training- some being ripped apart limb from limb before being stitched back together. This is absolutely REQUIRED in user history. Please for the love of god.

Generally, as I sit here drinking my fucking alcohol, I think "SURELY NO ONE WILL HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS. THEY LITERALLY HUNT WHATEVER THE COUNCIL SENDS THEM AFTER. THEY'RE THE WARHOUNDS." But GODS know, some of you will have questions. And that's fine and whatever, but like. Could you phrase them politely and appropriately in the comments?

Sincerely- a very drunk co-owner.


Remind me to let Ced be drunk more often for these things. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Drunken Rambles    Wed Jun 28 2017, 08:58

Never drunk enough
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Drunken Rambles
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