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 Forgive yourself [Read Only] (Vyllaea/Roshan)

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PostSubject: Forgive yourself [Read Only] (Vyllaea/Roshan)   Tue Jul 04 2017, 08:13

He'd been putting this off for days.

Izzy had been rather persistent that he hurried with it, before the Celestial made another mistake. Roshan sighed, his heart hammering in his chest as he leaned against the door frame, hidden by the wall between the two rooms. Goodness he was worried, sure, Light and Isaac alike had both tried their best to prepare him for this, step him through it. But still, it was nerve racking to actually have to go there by himself to speak with her. Alone. Roshan swallowed nervously, his wings shifting uncomfortably under that jacket, twisted and pinned to hide them. Unlike Daemian with his great wings, Roshan did prefer to keep them hidden- but at a cost. They were constantly cramped.

Deciding that he just couldn't be bothered with keeping them in, he shrugged his jacket off, walking down the hall to hang it over the damaged railings of the stairs. Vyllaea and Cedric were still organising and doing patch work repairs in some areas, but the two seemed to have the house under control for the most part... sorta. There were still broken windows here and there. He could hear the strikes from Cedric and Isaac in the distance. Flesh against steel, with the occasional cracks of lightning. He swallowed, the manic expression of that thunder master flashing through his mind. Beyond angry. Beyond furious. Downright murderous. Roshan's heart skipped a beat, before he took a few hurried steps backwards and turned away.

The Celestial was there to stop that from ever happening again. Hopefully... And to do something that was much more important, hopefully something that wasn't too late. He couldn't lose another sibling to his own stupidity. He'd lost what he cared for, allowed something horrid to corrupt himself, causing him to be sent down into a never ending spiral of darkness. Something that had caused something horrible to happen. Daemian. His own brother had left. Daemian and Erynn were gone, along with Negene, Roshan having found out in the worst way he thought possible. Through a note, left in desperation. It could be several years until the two brothers met once more.

Dammit, Roshan and Daemian had only just reunited, only for Roshan himself to tear them apart through alienating Erynn...

The scent of melting oils came to his nose, snapping him out of his thoughts. He raised his head looking through to the kitchen. She was quick with working, but a feather of a smile touched his face. Vyllaea always had a knack with cooking and, admittedly, she was an incredibly fast learner. She didn't hesitate at all with what she did, she just went out and did it, without a falter in her step...

Roshan stopped at the entrance, the woman working quickly. The two men had already been sparring for quite some time and probably would be coming in soon. In theory they would be, at least. He smiled lightly. With ease, he stepped into the kitchen. Vyllaea had her back to him and, surprisingly, her hair was pulled up into a ponytail, something that she barely ever did. However, while she cooked, she found it helpful to keep the hair free and out of her face. Goodness, even with those scars across the hands, even with the mangled flesh beneath her shirt, his sister made it seem like it didn't cause her any form of inconvenience. But the way her brow pulled into a light frown when she twisted to snatch up one sample from around three dozen salmon, he could tell that the damage he had done pulled at him.

"I know you're there. Water and Light can sense one another, it's an odd connection- nothing like what Lightning and Water have... However, what is it, Roshan?"

The voice caught him off guard, but he was also pleasantly surprised with how relaxed she sounded. Couldn't she sense that he was almost quivering from nerves, wanting to race away from this situation and pretend that it wasn't happening and that none of this had actually happened. He nervously swallowed. "Well, I was hoping to, well, you know..." He cleared his throat, already hearing Isaac scolding him for hesitating. "I wanted to talk to you."

Vyllaea turned to him, stunned for a few moments by the fact the Angel had his wings on display- which was generally either a heat related issue, or he just didn't want them on at the moment. Slowly, she gave him a shrug and then raised an eyebrow to him, "Well, I'm here, and I'm certainly not getting any younger, but I'm sure that our... Partners? will be finishing soon, so whatever you wish to say, it might need to be a bit quicker than you wanted. Mind you... What are you and Isaac anyway, I never did get it officially from you. Are you two...?" She turned back, turning the fish with a pair of steel tongs.

Roshan swallowed nervously, his gloved hands almost shoving themselves into his pockets. He sighed before walking over to the rather large pile of fish. Picking up a knife, he flipped the fish and began to descale those bad boys. Sure, Vyllaea always did that, but there were some scales that she could never get off so she simply cut the flesh away. The knife glided across the skin, removing those scales before, rather skillfully, slashing and carving the bones and innards from the meat to stack on a plate for Vyllaea to cook. "Well, yes. Yes we are. He's absolutely hysterical. One moment he can be a really grumpy ass guy, before flipping a coin and just being the cutest thing ever. Mind you, he's already saved my hide several times during my encounters with him. He managed to capture a bitch that poisoned me, I surely would have died that day if he didn't subdue her and force me to drink this... Vile liquid. Then he saved me from dying from the poison's after effects, something that we weren't expecting. However, he's a Hunter. Sure, he's free a fair bit of the time but... I suppose the only downside is that he had to go on his Hunts once a month or so." He noticed that Vyllaea listened in silence to his rambled, simply putting the salmon on to cook, cheating as she used her boiling waters to heat a few other pots and pans to temperature before placing the fish in them to cook. Roshan almost shook his head. Vyllaea was a rather clever one- sometimes, when she wasn't thinking through emotions. Mind you, from what Light had told him, it made sense... After all, both Water and Vyllaea were emotional... Beings? The Celestial didn't know.

The two fell into a silence, the only noises that greeted them being the sound of cooking salmon. It didn't take long for the duo to get the fish across to start cooking across the pans. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence, but one that spoke more than words could speak. But they both knew what was going to happen. The Celestial hadn't been this close to Vyllaea since he'd burned her badly. Roshan swallowed and cleared his throat again. "Anyway, Vyllaea... About what happened. I am sorry, I honestly lost control of myself. He'd hurt Isaac so long ago and I didn't think of what my actions could do or what they would mean to others around me. I didn't think that I'd take things that far- I honestly lost control and it's never happened to me before. But... what was worse is that I actually raised a hand against you. Not once, but twice... And then... Then I hurt you. I hurt my own damn sister. Vyllaea, I'm so sorry. I swear, I ne-"

"I understand, Roshan."

The teary eyed Angel was taken aback by the declaration, turning to her in surprise. Even more surprise flooded him when she had actually stopped what she was doing. She'd turned to him. But there were no scales across her face. There was only a smile that was paired with a gorgeous and soul lifting joy that sparked in her eyes. "I know exactly the pain you feel. But the only difference is, is that I forgave myself. Of course, it took time, but the more I shoved it away from the front of my mind, the more I went into a decline. I was beating myself up left right and center, before I realized... He came back to me. And I was treating him the same way that I had treated him before. I had promised never to do that again, never to put him through that agony again- yet there I was, doing it again and again. So I stopped. That day. I stopped. I began to appreciate and cherish every second that I had with Cedric- I love him more than words can describe. I love him until the ends of the earth and back, I'd go through hell, through heavens, through everything to get to him. Planes, maybe even realities, I don't care. Nothing will separate me from him again- I love him with my whole heart."

Vyllaea paused for a few moments as she took the tongs up, beginning to flip the salmon again. "If I kept beating myself for killing him, then I'd never move forward. He forgave me. So I had to forgive myself. Hear me now- I forgive you. I forgave you long ago as Cedric begged me to, as Isaac requested. We've been waiting for you to forgive yourself, for you to stop spiraling into the chaos you have been falling into. It hurt, Roshan, it hurt Water and I to watch you sink further and further down, to fall faster and faster. We didn't think that you'd come back from it, we... Honestly were scared. Despite what has happened, Roshan, I never ever want to lose a brother. I've already have had one vanish for an unknown amount of time- and that's scary enough. Yes, I know that he left. Probably before you..." Skillfully, she placed the cooked meats onto several plates, Roshan just standing in awe from what his younger, his YOUNGER sister was saying to him.

Vyllaea turned to him before stepping forward and wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. "Forgive yourself, move on from what's happened, and, for both yours and Light's sake... Don't think about the past anymore. You've already been forgiven by everyone here. Roshan, we're family. We still love you, even if we make mistakes. Daemian. Myself. Even though you royally screwed up, we... We've both forgiven you for what you've done wrong. So stop worrying so much. I know that you feel like you've lost us, that you think we aren't going to be a part of your life anymore... Stop thinking that. I'd rather try to bring down storms and heavy rains across Utopia and the planes, destroying everything that's been made... Over letting you go. I don't care that you screwed up. Daemian doesn't either- he just wants your damn acceptance. But face it, Roshan. You're our Guardian Angel, but we have to live out own lives now- but don't think that you won't be a part of it anymore. We'll still call on you in times of need, and vice versa. That's what family is. That's what family does!" She smiled, raising her hand to peel away the tears that freely fell from Roshan's cheeks, ones that he didn't realise he was shedding. "Cheer yourself up... It's fine... After all,"

The door to the front of the house opened, familiar voices reaching her ears. Roshan couldn't help but smile at the joy that suddenly sparked in Vyllaea's eyes.

"We can't have you crying around Isaac... He's going to worry more about you. Maybe he'll even think that I've hurt you or rejected your apology, and we can't have that! But really, come on now." Vyllaea concentrated slightly, bending the waters again to her wills to pool down some of the plates. She raised the orbs that she made, holding up several of the plates of salmon, Roshan quickly stepping forward to take the last three up. A peace settled on him, a small smile on his face. But, he wasn't really able to say much more as, for once, words failed him. "Thanks, Vy." His sister laughed, "No problem, but really...

Let's get this to the table before Cedric and Isaac get there... Light forbid what horrors will come if we don't beat them to the table with their food..."
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Forgive yourself [Read Only] (Vyllaea/Roshan)
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