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 Imelda, the young Beastmaster

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PostSubject: Imelda, the young Beastmaster    Thu Jul 06 2017, 21:34

General Character Information

Name: Imelda
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Species: Just your regular old human, sprinkled with magic.
Class: Beastmaster.

Character Appearance

Height: She's a bit on the taller side for females, being 5'9.
Appearance: Imelda always has the tendancy to stand tall and proud, her athletic features and build really making her stand out in crowds. She can't decide if standing out is a good or a bad thing though, as sometimes, it attracts the wrong kinds of attention. The sorts of things that people normally avoid. However, back to her appearance. Surprisingly, across her pale skin there's not a scar nor blemish on her skin. Even with her incredibly dangerous occupation, Imelda has somehow managed to remain scar-free, a true feat of skill. Or luck.

She has a bright smile, pearly white teeth, long crimson hair which is generally tied back into a pony tail with a green hairband to hold it up, which matched her gorgeous yet piercing green eyes. Her appearance is rather simple, having a rather plain black jacket that reaches down to the back of her knees. When she's out and on the job, she wears this jacket over a white singlet, the edges partially tattered near the bottom. These go over her black, semi skin-tight jeans, her feet just in regular black shoes. On the back of her right hand are the Beastmaster marks.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Imelda is incredibly enthusiastic, eager to have a shot at different thing, has an incredibly bubbly personality and is incredibly carefree. Naturally, her words are generally formed never to insult anyone, but sometimes she can let those comments through by accident. Imelda is nothing short of over-enthusiastic care, wanting to help out where ever she can, yet she's smart enough to be able to pick by visual or audio cues if people want her around. However, that being said, Imelda has a horrible tendency to be an annoying jerk when others annoy her, pestering them like a frustrated child. She keeps going with this act until someone tells her to stop or she feels she's gotten the point across. Sometimes, that can take quite some time...
Hobbies: Rather surprisingly, she enjoys tending to animals, ensuring that they're having the best of time. Reading is something else that she takes a bit of time to relax and enjoy. She's also a musician, able to play the flute.
Interests: Animals and tending to them, explorations of new things and seeing things that she's never seen before. Admittedly, she also enjoys sunbaking- but that's yet to show on her rather pale skin as she barely ever tans from what she does during the daylight hours.
Dislikes: Hostility, fights, arguments, people being stupid, seeing both humans and animals in distress, culling without a reason. Just. Anything negative to do with animals is something she's incredibly displeased by.
Climbing as she's had to scale walls in incredibly difficult spaces, as well as being able to rockclimb, hike, etc. Fitness, as she would say this skill is, but truly it also encompasses much more than that. This is because she also is able to swim, ascend mountainsides, any dangerous terrain, etc, just because of her occupation.
She's incredibly quick and light on her feet- faster than an average human, able to clear 300 ft in about 12 seconds. Imelda is also able to keep a steady run for ten minutes. What she lacks with offensive abilities, she makes up with in speed, stamina and experiance.
Imelda also has the experiance to tell an animals mood via their stance, emotion given and, in general, what they are doing. But that is mainly because of her training. Otherwise she would only be able to pick that they were ill due to their hunched over stance and visibly bad things.
Despite her best efforts, Imelda is still rather easy to tick off. But what's worse is that when she becomes annoyed, she, more or less, will take her annoyance out on just about whoever was there.
Being too cheerful can be a bad thing. Sure, Imelda can display sympathy, regret and all sorts of emotions, but for her, it's almost impossible to get rid of that smile from her face and that cheerful tone away from her voice. It would take something tragic for this to happen, an example of such a thing includes seeing one of the animals she'd been instructed to take care over were to die.
Imelda also would do anything to help injured animals or beasts in pain- one of the reasons she was so successful in training was because of her sheer determination to ensure that they were alright.
Her words are sharper than your swords, meaning she prefers to settle things down through her speech rather than physical aggression. Sure, she'll push away people if they're trying to indecently expose her and such, but aside from that sorta thing... Imelda will not fight another person.


Family: None that she's directly related to.
Partner: Zale (Missing)
Children: None as of yet~!


History: She was born in the city of Tyr, surrounded by animals her entire life. Is it not surprising that she ended up the enthusiastic, bubbly and cheerful person she is today because of the animals she had been around all her life? That being said, as oon as she caught wind that they were looking for new recruits to take on a new role- she was more than happy to snatch up a traineeship of a Beastmaster. Little did she know, she was more suited to the task than she realized... (I'd like to really reveal her through RP, please)
RP paragraph:
Tilting her head back, red hair flowing like a fire, a laugh of delight left her lips. Her emerald eyes sparked in pure delight as his hand cupped her cheek. Zale's own smile danced across his lips, refusing to break through onto his face. "So I take that as a yes?" He asked, his voice deep, almost sensual, asked as his thumb stroked against her cheek, holding her gentle in his hand. Imelda nodded, pushing herself onto her tip toes to press their lips together in a kiss.

"Yup! I love it~!" She almost sang, her voice filled with sheer joy as the young colourful fox danced around her feet, crisscrossing between her legs. Pulling away from him, she knelt down, her jacket almost seeming as if it were bleeding across the ground. Her hands turned their palms towards the animal, a gentle call reaching its ears.

It heard her call, its head shooting up to look at her before it ran across and into her arms.

"I think I'll call this little boy Zane." She declared, scooping the little critter up into her arms. Zale's arms found their way around her waist, pulling her back against him in a hug. Imelda sighed, leaning against his chest as the colourful fox licked her cheek.

At that moment, her life was perfect.
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Imelda, the young Beastmaster
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