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 Cascade Dawn, the Inhuman Practitioner

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PostSubject: Cascade Dawn, the Inhuman Practitioner   Mon Jul 10 2017, 08:43

General Character Information

Name: Cascade Dawn (Normally, she just introduces herself as Cass as she hates that name)
Gender: Female.
Age: 25
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Species: Dragon.
Class: Practitioner.

Character Appearance

Height: In her human form, she stands around 5'6. In her dragon form, she stands proud at 7'10.

Human form.

Human Appearance:

Pale, slim, but absolutely gorgeous, her human form has long hair which is a brilliant blonde at the end, but around the front of her face, it's short, wispy and is a bright green in colour. This matches the colour of her eyes, which is carried through to her dragon form. She has a pair of furred ears on her head, which are almost entirely hidden by the graceful and gentle curls of her hair. Despite her profession, she always wears a rather fancy green dress, no matter what the circumstances. Cass wears simple gloves on her hands and can almost always be seen with a carved ebony bow- however, it's mainly strung across her back. The bow has unique runes etched into them, allowing its size to change depending on the capability of the user. However, this is mainly just so she can change from human to dragon and still use her bow.

Please note that when she transforms to her dragon form, she will always take the clothing off after the transformation- if she has the time to. Her bow is also always with her, unless she's about to do go do a session of transplants, surgery. Then she doesn't have it. However, all the other times while she's off treating injured Travelers, people who need help with illness, then she will have that bow on her person.

Dragon form.

Dragon Appearance:

Still just as gorgeous, her slender form becomes a little more bulky. She is an bipedal dragon, standing on two legs instead of the typical four and walks like a human. Her hide which is comprised of rather soft scales takes a colour which is mainly black, with gentle patterns of green sewn through her design on her legs, tail and thighs. Wings which are too small for true flight allow for gliding, the two toned wings graceful and small, tipped with a small claw. She still has something that could be considered hair in this state, however, the green is around the entirety of her head and it all fades into a yellowish-green. She has a pair of thick and twisted horns, behind them being large ears which are pierced just once in the earlobe. Cascade has a mane of fur around her neck, which gives way to her yellow under scales which go from her throat to the tip almost the tip of her tail.

Along her back are small triangular spines, no more than 4 inches at their largest on the center of her back, between her shoulders. Something to note is that she has 'gloved' hands and feet, the toes and fingers being green against the normal black hide, which give way to study green claws on her toes and slender green nails on her hands.  

Personality and Traits

Personality: Arrogant. She's so arrogant and partially disapproving of basically anyone who hasn't earned her respect. So far, only one person has managed to do that. Cass is a firm dragon with what they say, they won't sugarcoat things and she's very black and white. That's not to say that she isn't sarcastic as she really is and normally uses this when she doesn't really have a choice. However, she's got a fair bit of attitude about her, sass would be a word to describe it. Arrogant, sassy, sarcastic and holding a general coldness towards others, it's not a surprise when Cascade would rather just make people eat a raw potato than have them ramble at her.

Cass, despite her attitudes, is completely devoted to her cause, wanting to ensure the safety of others as well as their recovery from any injuries that they sustain. She shows a soft spot towards those who she looks after or is put in charge of. That being said, they can't go shoving and barking orders at her or she'd simply look at them and send them on their way to another Practitioner to look after them.

Or she could request a Hunter. It depends how mad they make her as to what she'd do. But she really, really, doesn't tolerate idiocy or people who are just... Pathetic. She can't stand that, as well as people who just ignore basic Practitioner guidelines and rules which they should know. Treating someone with something they are allergic to is something that really just rubs her the wrong way- but sadly, in a trial run so long ago, that's exactly what happened.

-Studying of the realms around her in her spare time between her duties.
-Tending to her garden.
-Playing the guitar- but not just any old guitar, it has to be her guitar.
-Medical treatments and, rather morbidly, things which can disrupt the body.
-Alcohol. This girl is a bit of a drinker and she enjoys tasting finer alcohols- only in her dragon state, as her human form wouldn't be able to burn away the poison as easily.
-Hunting, to her, it's rather fun.
-Spiders. Those 6 legged things just creep her out.
-People who waste themselves away to alcohol. Seriously, it's both a waste of time and precious alcohol.
-Other creatures which aren't either dragons, humans or humanoid. She just dislikes them, turns her nose up on them. Creatures that are basically unnatural beasts and creations that just shouldn't exist, Cascade considers abominations and greatly dislikes them. Sure, she's all fine and dandy with them if they look like a human- just watch out if they're some weird hybrid, for example, half snake half cow and such like that.

Either form.
-Cascade is rather skilled with her bow, but her real powers come from the powers that extend from that in the form of arrows (ability described in private). She can fire up to two arrows per post.
-She's rather clever, able to rely on her own thoughts, experiences to make a judgement call on the spot. She'll more than often act on this.
-Due to her skills as a Practitioner, Cass has developed a very thick hide against blood, gore and other things which would normally turn people away and cause them to vomit. She can handle any form of bloody situation as well as handle any surgery without faltering.

Human form.
-Cascade has an incredibly steady hand, meaning that the surgeries that she has to partake in are almost always successful- when she's the lead surgeon. The dragon in her human state never shakes suddenly or freezes at ill times.  
-Cascade is also incredibly precise with her surgical skills, her aim almost unable to be beaten by regular humans. Almost. There are some who are just as good as her, it's mainly just her arrogance that makes her think she's the best at surgery.

Dragon form.
-Cascade has the strength of a dragon, meaning that she can manhandle and hold other people down until they're sedated, restrain people for bracing of broken limbs and other things like that.
-Her leg muscles are incredibly powerful, enabling her to run for longer distances than regular humans. She can also use them to launch herself around 15 feet into the sky (This can only be done once every two posts as it inflicts an incredible draw from her muscles to do this).
-Let's not forget that her dragon form is much harder to intoxicate than her human form and she's able to contest even the heaviest of drinkers despite her lack of experience with binge drinking.

-Her skills are unique to one form of the other. This means that if she is in her dragon form, she isn't able to do the things that she can in her human form, and vice versa. The only things that are shared between both forms Are things listed in the 'either' section.
-She's a little bit on the arrogant and snappy side, making it a little difficult for her to create firm and long lasting friendships.
-Her dragon form may be seem bulkier and be stronger, but her scales are quite thin and only protect her as much as human skin.
-Despite having wings, they aren't build for gracious flight. They can glide and drop her into dives from higher places, but they cannot lift her into the air like other birds and others of her own kind.
-Due to her readiness to act on what she perceives as the best solution, she's a little more than likely to ignore what others say and do it regardless. The only time she really listens is when there's a secondary Practitioner and the two, or more, need to work in a team to repair or fix damage done to a person.
-While operating, if she's suddenly startled, it will more than likely snap her out of the self inflicted trance that she can create. This can cause rather bad things to happen very quickly.


Family: None that she's aware of. But she really couldn't care.
Partner: None as of yet.
Children: N/A.


Admittedly, it took Cass the full 6 years of studying for her to be able to claim the rights to being a Practitioner. It was a little more difficult for her for the first year or so, the others in her class being put off by her dragon appearance, whispers going through the class multiple times. Annoyingly and after several confrontations she had forced herself to go into a form which she really didn't enjoy using. A human form. It always felt odd to use it, the restricted heights, the restricted strengths and reach. Having a lack of wings didn't help either.

The only thing which she kept were her ears in that form, the larger things becoming almost fur-like fox ears on top of her head.

But aside from that, she was basically human. Thankfully after that change, she was accepted more with open arms to her classes. Her skills flourished and, with the help of a pale haired man who went by the name 'Sly', she was able to fit into the class a little better. However, the initial years made her rather bitter towards the majority of the class, always holding and having a scowl of disapproval on her face while she was around anyone from there.

Aside from these few things, the rest of her history is something that she keeps close to her. It's not that she doesn't want to share it, it's just because no one has ever asked her what it even was.

But, to this very day, only those in her practitioner class know of her dragon heritage. She only reveals that side of her to those that she deems either worthy, or that she can stand.

RP paragraph:

A smirk pulled on her face as she twirled the golden lock of hair around her finger. "Good job, if you actually treated a patient like that, you would have just killed them. Why? It's simple. You should have taken more note of their history." Flicking her hair away from her, the smirk widened, "Didn't you notice their allergy? Didn't you see that giving them... THAT would end up with them having an allergic reaction to it? Or did you really not read their history at all?" Cass stood up, huffing a sigh as her fingers picked up her own case file.

"My report's done."

With that, the gloved hand dropped the report in front of the tutor, partially startling them. But before they could even tell her off for that, the dragon was already walking out the door. People really needed to stop questioning her actions, she was actually quite smart. Despite what others may think thanks to her dragon heritage...

Tch. Kids.
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Cascade Dawn, the Inhuman Practitioner
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