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 Lion, Protector of the Pride

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PostSubject: Lion, Protector of the Pride   Sat Jul 15 2017, 16:26

General Character Information

Name: Lion
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Strange Beast
Class: Enforcer

Character Appearance

Height: 10 feet (~3 meters)
Beaten and battered is the proud and sturdy Lion with rippling muscles and scars on top of scars. His body is that of an anthropomorphic albino king of the jungle with a shaved mane and eyes as milky and creamy as wonderful white chocolate. The proud animals hands are padded and callused, his ears and mouth showing equal character with ripped out canines and mutilated skin. Strange remnants of a very large magical beatle clad his body with chitin armor and frail wings adding to his not to glamorous appearance. Lion also carries tied tassels to the thick burly rope that keeps his massive shoulder armor on to represent his comrades he’s failed to save. His fur is soft but patched together with rough skin due to the sheer amount of scars on his body, every inch of his being showing a vast history as a sacrificing soldier.


Personality and Traits

Lion exists without a trace of savagery, a beast with utmost manners and etiquette even in battle. Dare his paws tread on a single flower he would mourn, no innocent life deserves such a fate. Naive and honest to the core, his personality can turn on a dime the moment his ideals are tread upon. Lion enforces law without hesitation as well as protects those who need it without a single thought, such is the only time the power his species is known for shows. He is selfless to a grave fault, even his monstrous strength only unfolding when he sees someone in need with a personality that does nothing but serve. Lion not only has the strength of a hundred men, but the heart as well. He bares his emotion and thoughts for everyone to see as a true man does in his eyes.

Hobbies: Stargazing, bird watching, exercising, wood furniture making, and breeding birds.
Interests: Antiques, wood work, thrift stores, and birds (his favorite is the Goldfinch).
Dislikes: Bullies, tyrants, those who go against the grain of society or the council, those who do things with ulterior motive, and not being able to eat vegetables (he’d be a vegetarian if he could).

Skills: Skilled with any proper weapon, can control his strength impressively well, awesome reflexes, and a great tactical thinker.
Flaws: A severe amount of medical issues that he ignores (this includes a missing right eye, missing canines, back problems, a slightly gimpy right leg that likes to give out from time to time, long term memory issues, and a kinked tail that can barely move), incredibly self destructive, and he is terrified of hurting, breaking, or killing things which can result in him being shy or hesitant to act.


Family: Brother to Newo, blood family is otherwise unknown. Considers Pitka to be his older brother they are so close.
Partner: N/A
Children: N/A


Originally born of a happy home with an ambitious big sister was Lion. His sister was his life; he had always looked up to her, believed everything she said without a shadow of a doubt. Even when this sister had started to walk down a path of ruin and evil he walked along with her. He allowed his own family to experiment on him, to twist his mind and body and erase everything he knew.

All he recalls is a warm name he is fond of, Liliac.

NOTE: Yes there is much more history that can and will be revealed through roleplay like his enforcer training and what have you. Due to his long term memory issues the author wanted to keep this really short and vague.

RP paragraph:
Crouching down slowly as he reached out two calloused paws, Lion scooped up a feebly cawing crow from a patch of withering, hushing grass. It’s wing was twisted and mangled, bent at an acute angle right along the large bone connecting the limb to the feathery animal’s body. It slowly stilled, the humanoid’s warm aura melting away the intense pain.

Happily cooing, it pecked almost lovingly at the kind beast’s thumb as the worried man started to walk carefully down a stone path, “Poor thing…” his deep voice murmured, mangled ears moving ever so slightly, “Pitka will know what to do…” he said in dismay, almost like a child hoping that mommy could fix it. His mouth was pulled in a deep pout, it could have been easily mistaken for some sort of mangy snarl. Lion’s weary eyes were locked on the crow, only looking up to make sure nothing was in the way on the path, “I’d like to name you Rosebud, is that ok?”

His only response to the riveting question was a ‘clack clack’ of the bird’s beak as it tilted it’s head at him.

“Rosebud it is.” Lion purred deeply. The purring didn’t stop, his inner house cat just couldn’t contain and bottle down the glee he felt holding such a small and precious thing.

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PostSubject: Re: Lion, Protector of the Pride   Sat Jul 15 2017, 22:34

Asked Cedric for/about Enforcer. Due to this...

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Lion, Protector of the Pride
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