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 Where Beasts Rule (Private, Flynn)

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PostSubject: Where Beasts Rule (Private, Flynn)   Sun Jul 16 2017, 01:14

Light broke through the twisting branches from the two great orbs which constantly held near the planet. This allowed for the constant heat to forever warm the woodlands, the sunlight causing the trees to warp and twist, growing higher, taller than most other species ever would be able to climb to. Forests higher than the spires of Utopia and as wide as their cities blocks proudly broke through the heavens themselves. Recently abandoned homes lined the trees, both inside and out, tree houses which had wooden slats acting as bridges

Tears built in her eyes, the emerald shining with the tears that she knew were there. It hadn't been just a few times that she'd had to come back unsuccessful from her own quests, but borderline dozens. More than she ever wanted to admit to, not only to herself, but to the people around her. She refused to allow the number to slip through her crimson lips. Her head tilted back, her gaze to the skies as her lips parted. A cry of distress and of anger that twisted her soul came from her, speaking levels of pain that only Imelda could comprehend. Fate was cruel.

But at the same time, merciful.

There hadn't been a single person to hear her cry. The only thing that graced her with a shred of presence was the rather large bear who lumbered down the dust covered street. It was only by chance that she had seen it, the coloration of the fur causing it to blend with the backgrounds.

Annoyingly, the area had been all but abandoned due to the Waterways appearance, the people too afraid to even stay within the immediate area, fearing the creatures which could come through.

But Imelda didn't care how they felt. She just didn't want to give them a thought, her mind wandering to her own troubles. Why was it so hard just to find one person, why was it so challenging to break through the chains that bound her to this realm? Why couldn't she do that and be uncaring of if she returned to her home, all to search for the one that she needed to find?

A chill went through her. What was the point now though...

Each search had been empty. Each and every desperate attempt had been destroyed, thwarted by time itself and the unfortunate events which lead to it. Even as she cursed the attempts that she had made to find him, she cursed the fact that she refused to give up. After all, once she had given up, she'd have to face his darn brother and explain to him why she just couldn't keep going with the search for Zale. But certainly... He'd still be out there, right? Somehow living in whatever place that the Chains threw him into...

Whatever. He'd be alive. Somewhere.

Imelda lowered her head with a sigh as the rather large beast wandered by her, a look of anger in its eyes. A deep, guttural and animalistic sound that came from it, warning her from what she had been doing. Not being recognised for a few moments, the Beastmaster of Tyr raised an eyebrow, "Come on, you know me." Imelda stated, her voice something that several animals had learned to take heed of. Thankfully, this was the case with the monster of an animal before her. The bear, around twice the size of a regular grizzly, seemed to recognise the tone, feeling her powers as a rush of calmness went over it for a few moments. With a snort, it went on its own way, wandering by the Waterway and sniffing it curiously as the last threads began to close.

Imelda started to walk away, humming as she tried to figure out how she was going to tell the brother just what had happened during this last trial. However, after not even reaching more than a few dozen paces away from the Waterway, before something happened. It flared, but was unseen by her.

The bear was still sniffing it, breaking Imelda from her own thoughts.

The next thing which she knew was a figure had come through, the clothing rather familiar to her, the tossed and unkempt hair staggered and made rather rough-looking from the trip. However, the majority of the figure was lost as the bear growled, rearing onto its hind legs, towering over the figure by several feet. Right front paw of the beast came down, claws aimed for his neck, deceptively fast with the movement. That was when it's jaws would follow suit, aiming to crunch down on whatever it could of the intruder which startled it into action.
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PostSubject: Re: Where Beasts Rule (Private, Flynn)   Wed Jul 26 2017, 20:49




"Do you remember the White Flag incident?".

A whisper of words like tender velvet kissed the inside of his conscious, hazily growing into focus.

Of course I do. It's where I ran into you and all your problems he tried to respond with a genuine smile, but the words shaped by his lips were stolen of sound. Instead, a silence took his cue. Lacking his physical body, Flynn arced his consciousness forward, hoping to meet the silken whisper that drew into his mind.

As if shying from his reach, the silken voice vanished into the mist of his subconscious.


"-...An.. t--n I found her u-d... r th- r...le -o.."

The inner machinations of Flynn Argall's mind twisted into a myriad of layers; shards of memory and dreams cascaded from the core of each level like a fountain. As the glassy fragments collapsed onto the floor, they congealed into a vivid, perceivable shape.

A hazy screen, as if looking through the eyes of another.

From the inner mist, a peel of laughter like a chiming bell. A completely pure sound of joy and amused wonder fluttered through the air, seeping into him a feeling of nearly forgotten happiness along with it. As the giggling subsided, Flynn's intangible shape of thought could then see through the fog.

It was a woman in her mid twenties. Her hand shifted lazily over her lips as she recovered from laughter, but her smile visible between her thin fingers. Any other features were blurred, unable to be visually grasped.

An amalgamation of pale gold and fading crimson flashed before him, then brushed against the surface of his mind like soft silk. At the sight of her, a pang of foreign emotion jolted him unexpectedly- violently. He knew the feeling too well by now.

With a shift of his conscious, Flynn bid the lovely dream a quiet offering of gratitude, twinged with regret and ..irritation.



A muffled pop rung out, and Enforcer Flynn Argall emerged from a twisting wall of light and shadow. He quickly caught himself against the base of a large, gnarled tree branch that stuck itself conveniently outward, but let out a shuddering breath nonetheless.

His body and mind had swiftly recovered from traversing the rogue portal, as expected. The temporary state of lucid dreaming that protected the conscious state of an Enforcer was always a varying toll, and Flynn was thankful it hadn't lasted as long as it could have. The markings laced over his neck tingled as if vibrating beneath the surface of his skin, and he quickly shot an urgent glance behind him.


A puff of voiced shock and nothing more as a massive ten foot shadow erected over his sight. Several tons of muscle and brown fur lumbered forward with a titanic frame, and wasted no time swiping down on him. His initial anxiety outmatched by the physical order of motion. The weighted capsule he prepared in his sleeve mere moments ago fell into his palm, jostled by him stepping backward away from the beast. His thumb split into the capsule, severing the paper bond within. At the same instance, he threw all of his weight behind him. With the force of momentum, he blitzed a throw at the monster and sent the now shivering capsule straight toward its open maw. His fall sent him onto the floor, but a controlled tossing of his kinetic energy allowed him to roll backward and end upright on his feet, crouched.

A massive bubble of blue gelatin erupted in a gooey pop; a heavy thud as the speedy projectile congealed over the face and collar of the assaulting creature. With a moment of clarity, Flynn realized it was just a bear.

Overcome with shock and confusion, the predatory brown bear let out a series of panicked whines as it raked at the heavy blue gel that covered half its face and kept its mouth open in awkward suspension. With a rocky fall to its paws, the bear promptly escaped into the brush, leaving behind only a few puddles of blue goo. Flynn slowly rose to his feet, keeping one hand carefully placed within his coat's pocket to prepare another means of protection from whatever may follow.
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PostSubject: Re: Where Beasts Rule (Private, Flynn)   Tue Aug 01 2017, 07:29

The sudden commotion that the bear made over the waterway caused the young beastmater to pause in her step. However, the title was yet to be earned by her, but she still classified herself as it. They weren't many people who could outdo her when it came to the actual task they were trained to do. Besides, so many pull out or die before doing something significant with their choice of career. A rather dark, almost deep-set scowl made its way onto her face. She didn't really want to have to deal with something that wasn't going to be of importance.

Imelda cast a glance over her shoulder. Oh hell no! There, before the enormous bear stood the partially unkempt haired man from earlier- why did he come through the waterway and wander into a realm which was of no return? While she watched, horrified with him dealing with the bear, the portal collapsed in on itself.

Sealing him there.

The bear, ultimately was shot and, with this weird rather unusual blue substance clinging to its fur, it dragged itself into the undergrowth, growls of fear and sounds of anxiety being made from its chest. Shocked back into reality after the bear almost vanished from view, Imelda turned a hate-filled gaze upon the man who dared to injure the beast. Imelda stopped in her tracks, skidding partially as she spun to face them. Jacket billowing in the wind, she walked as casually over to the scruffy man, who's weird weapon was nowhere to be seen. She guessed that it was under his coat. Almost completely obvious to her was, not only the man lost, but over reacted with the bear with what he shot it with, causing its jaw to be held open awkwardly from that goo.

"Three things." Imelda started, her finger raised as if she were scolding a child, the other hand holding the flame-like fox under her jacket.

"Firstly. You startled that bear, that gives you absolutely zero grounds to shoot it. Don't ever hurt an animal around here again- you'd be lucky if you lived more than five minutes if you do!" She declared, the warning quite evident in her voice as she stopped around fifteen feet from him. Venom was laced in her voice from those words, clearly angered that the animal was shot. Even the small fox nestled in her other arm was giving a small growl to match her own anger. However, by her stance, Flynn would know that she wasn't going to hit him, nor let Zane free to strike at his throat.

Not yet, at least.

"Secondly," Imelda began again, "I don't know what you were thinking! You shouldn't have followed me through, I begged you for freedom, yet you stand here before me in a realm which is not your own, but mine, a realm where the beings live in relative harmony. We don't kill, maim, injure or incapacitate unless we have no voice. Ergh, why did you come here and follow me! I just wanted to go home- this place here is my home.."

Her heart was racing, aching in her chest. What was she going to do with him- if he stayed here and shot every single animal that he came across, there was near zero chance that Imelda, even with all her talents, could halt an entire army of beasts from tearing him to pieces.

Oh dear she was in trouble, and so was he.

She raised a thumb and forefinger to pinch the bridge of her nose. Through concentration and squeezing her eyes shut firmly, Imelda found a way not to let her wrath loose on this man. Not like she could do too much anyway, as she was only really a skilled tamer and nothing more. Aside from being gifted with a bit of speed, but, that was mainly due to strict taming. Her red hair flicked slightly as she shook her head. "You know, I have no idea what I'm meant to do right now. I want to hurt you for hurting that bear from earlier. But I know that if I leave you alone, you're going to get your backside handed to you by the inhabitants of the realm." Imelda groaned quietly, but it was clear that her action from earlier was helping her to calm herself down a little and keep a grip on herself. She'd need to take care of this new man first before reporting everything back to the rest of the people living in Tyr. They'd all be keen to know if she was successful in finding any of their lost people.

"Whatever... Thirdly, my names Imelda, seeming you are so keen on getting yourself trapped and isolated in this realm, you may as well know someone before something else actually kills you."
She stated in annoyance, taking her hand away from her face to look up at him. Her emerald eyes almost seemed tired and drained from the conversation. Maybe it was just her nerves coming to shine through? She didn't know too much at this point in time. The fox wriggling free of her arms before jumping down, his paws carrying him over to look at the stranger. The hesitation in his step was obvious, nervous that the man was going to hurt him from getting too close.

"Why did you follow me, as you're now stranded here as well. Everything you have done, everything you have accomplished, here, it means nothing. We cannot get back to the realm we met, so, essentially, your old life is now gone. Simply because you followed me through..."

What was she going to do!?
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PostSubject: Re: Where Beasts Rule (Private, Flynn)   

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Where Beasts Rule (Private, Flynn)
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