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There is no more division between where you can and cannot travel. World blurs into world as you reach across galaxies, searching for something beyond...
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 Cedric Vael, Traveler of the Stars

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Character sheet
Name:: Cedric Vael
Alternate Accounts: Syrein
Gender: Male

PostSubject: Cedric Vael, Traveler of the Stars   Mon Nov 28 2016, 22:04

General Character Information

Name: Cedric
Gender: Male
Age: looks to be 24
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Thunderbird Paradigm

Character Appearance

Height: 6 feet even
Appearance: He has pale skin covering his face, but from his neck down it slowly moves into black feathers, patterned with odd runes. His eyes are a bright, glowing Cyanic color. Cedric's hair is platinum blonde- in stark contrast with his ebony feathers. He constantly slicks it back, but a single cowlick sticks up over his left eye. Any mention of this particular detail irritates him out of his normally jovial mood. Cedric is very much rectangular. Just stretched out. He isn't broad, but rather lanky and thin- much like how a raven would look compared to a hawk. His face is angular, sharp features defining it like they would if carved into marble. However, Cedric doesn't have a left eye. Instead, a trinket from woven feathers and wooden runes rests over it, though an odd cyanic light can be seen beneath. Muscled, but not what you would call buff. His garb looks like a long coat made from a gathering of feathers and paint- unusual by far. However, as the feathers grow longer, the tips gain a slight (again) cyan hue to them.

In his Thunderbird form, Cedric's wings are jet back, but tipped in a glowing Cyan. Three long tail feathers whip with electricity, and the man's cowlick is still there in his bird form. Eyes are still a bright Cyan, energy crackling from his pupil-less gaze.

Image of Cedric:

Personality and Traits

Personality: Cedric tries to make a joke out of everything. If he can't he broods- too much tension puts a lot of stress on the guy. This doesn't mean he's insensitive, though. He always tries to soothe any rough emotions. He's still awful in relations with women. Like, he literally cannot handle a women who's crying. Pretty much freezes at the sight. However, he could also be considered Knightly. Knowing when not to tread too far with the jokes.
Hobbies: Jokes, baking, flying, and drawing.
Interests: Sketching the places he's been, travelling, and interesting people.
Dislikes: Women, children, people who can't take a joke, and salamanders.

Skills: Puns, wise cracks, dad-jokes, spear-throwing, flying, baking, and archery.
Flaws: Cedric cannot handle women, and is almost incapable of talking with them in depth. He's reduced to grunts and side-long looks. Anyone who can't take a joke, he can't particularly enjoy company of. There are only a few exceptions to this, though.


Family: N/A
Partner: N/A
Children: N/A


History: All that's known of him is that he once had a wife and child. Their death lead to a mysterious curse, which has caused him to grow ill should he talk to a woman.
RP paragraph:
Cedric's eyes locked onto his target, just in time to see its vulnerable moment. A smirk met the man's eyes, as he quickly folded his wings in for a dive- short from his 300ft perch.

Almost there...

Unfurling his wings, he broke the speed almost immediately- just enough for him to safely transform into his human form- sliding just below the windowsill. His target awaited him, but he had to be sure that no one would be around for him to be caught. Putting his ear to the wall, Cedric waited until the footsteps led away- the cabin's tiles made the woman sound like she was in the living room. Cedric's smirk broadened, and he slowly straightened up.


A blinding feeling of agony smashed into Cedric's face, causing him to let out a startled yelp. Blood splattered onto the white sill, and onto his target.

"Damn it Cedric, you ruined Clara's pie!" Brutus, the town baker, lowered his cast iron skillet- the one that was to blame for the freshly broken nose and blood loss Cedric now suffered from.

"Well, maybe you should've just punched me. I admit to thinking that preferable to your steely glare, or iron... will."

Cedric eyed the man head to toe accusingly, before snapping his nose back into place. A fresh spurt of blood trickled down, and Brutus let out a hefty guffaw. Shaking his head he took his smock off before tossing it at the intruder.

“You could always just work for it. Y’know we’re hiring, and you’re not half bad at baking. Though I’d never ask for another one of your ah.. Cinnamon rolls.” Brutus’ lips curled at a memory, and his face scrunched from a distasteful memory. Sighing, Cedric crossed his arms. “Brutus, that would take all the fun out of our banter. I dive in, you hit me like a baseball, we laugh about it, Clara comes in, she gives me the pie, etcetera etcetera.” As he finished his sentence, Clara entered the room. A smirk made its way back onto Cedric’s face, just for him to shake his head. “Why would I dare upset such a perfect balance?”

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PostSubject: Re: Cedric Vael, Traveler of the Stars   Tue Nov 29 2016, 03:43

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Cedric Vael, Traveler of the Stars
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