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 Skylar Agnar, Traveler of the Realms

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PostSubject: Skylar Agnar, Traveler of the Realms   Mon Jul 31 2017, 03:46

General Character Information

Name: Skylar Agnar.
Gender: Female.
Age: 24 years (almost 25).
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Species: Transforming Human. (Mainly she can go into a bird)
Class: Traveler.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'4.
Character Appearance:
Skylar has a rather stunning human appearance, which can be seen above. She mainly wears a skin-tight outfit which has vibrant red fabric. She has feathers of blue, yellow and red which are made of knives attached to the full-length sleeves, but they are so well designed and made that no one could know that they're actually knifes unless she told them. Thankfully, only she knows how to make them cut- otherwise, they feel and seem like regular soft feathers. Around her abdomen are a series of golden coloured metals in her outfit, because why not?

One more thing to note is that she has blonde hair which is generally pulled over to the right side of her face. Her ears house gorgeous earrings that match the colours of her feathered metal. On her left side of her, the earring is much more extravagant and eye-catching, having a large fan-like arrangement of feathers that seem to appear behind her ear, with the ear itself having several black studs.

When she shifts into her bird form, the colours stay the same throughout the transformation and the suit is 'melded' into her body, sorta. It's painless and just makes her bird form look pretty instead of grey and boring. (More will be added when the commission for this is done).

Personality and Traits

Personality: Skylar carries around her an air of assertiveness, knowing what she's doing and never faltering. However, this can be rather daunting to those who don't really know her too well, seeing her attitude of having an answer for everything being a bit too up front. Skylar in renowned for her energy in conversation and her loyalty that almost always ends in interesting situations. After all, this is the girl that smacked her father in the face when she was told to if he ever spoke badly of her mother. And all he said was that she was rude. But the point is, it doesn't matter who it is, if she's been tasked to ensure a message gets delivered, or a place explored, she will follow that order and do the absolute best that she can. Skylar loves a bit of casual banter, and doesn't mind displaying affections that she has for people- but this can generally be mistaken for her hitting on people. It's not that she is, she'd crumple up and fall to pieces if she tried to actively engage in that activity as they would probably see her seriousness as a threat to their existence.

Sky's got a feisty temper when she's hungry, doesn't really apologise or try to make it up to people if she's done the wrong thing. Sure, she'll explain why she did things and try and see if they understand where she's coming from, but she doesn't feel as if she has to bend over backwards to make sure that they're alright.

Hobbies: Hunting, flying, watching peoples reactions to different things, being a bit of a trickster, crafting and cooking (even though she dislikes it, she'll do it when she's incredibly bored).
Interests: Exploring, books, history and going to different realms- who wouldn't enjoy that for a living?!
Dislikes: Fishing, cooking, being bored, not doing anything productive.

Skylar has incredible eye sight, hearing and smell, like that of a dog. She's incredibly alert to her surroundings and will always keep an ear out for things. In her bird form, she will seldom miss small details.
She's rather grand with flight, when she's in her bird state.  
Her wings are more than they appear, as it's all made of knives that only she knows how to remove to defend herself or even attack with them. Due to this, she's amazing with close combat skills, but aside from that, she can't do too much.
She also is rather gifted at jokes, able to take a laugh when she's at the receiving end of it.

Skylar cannot cook. At all. The best that she can do is make severely undercooked food or charcoal. Thankfully her gut is able to digest what she destroys in her attempt of cooking. As such, she has the ability to eat pretty much anything at all. However, burnt food makes her feel a tiny bit queasy, but. Food is food.
Skylar, despite her best intentions, can often be a bit aggressive when she wants someone to know something when she's in her bird form. This can often end rather badly if she isn't careful.
This bird girl also sucks with the whole relationship thing, its hilariously bad.


Family: She has a father who goes by the name Cecil. Skylar doesn't really have a mother anymore, she left for someone who was more willing to spend time with her and wasn't always busy digging their noses in books.
Something that could be considered family is the love-hate relationship that she has with a particular Guardian. Or former Guardian...
Partner: No partner.
Children: No children.


Revealed through RP please.
RP paragraph:
Skylar tilted her feathery head with a squawk, turning her head to the one game enough to read this section of their app. With an amused spark in her eye of their sudden emotion they had felt, she suddenly gave a small bird like chuckle. A chirp of delight came from her as she ended the laughter, before her form shifted once more. You feel arms wrap around you as she leans through the computer screen, her lips brushing against your cheek as she lightly laughs. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you." Her voice was firm and assertive, yet gentle, her warmth from the contact flowing through you.

"Well, at least, if you don't threaten me too much that is."
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Skylar Agnar, Traveler of the Realms
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